Train 5A50 London Paddington to Reading Traincare Depot

Operated By GWR

d. 0736

p. 0737

p. 0738

p. 0739

p. 0742

p. 0746

Heathrow Airport Jn

4min Pathing Allowance


p. 0747

p. 0756


1min Pathing Allowance

Plat 4 RL

p. 0758


1min Pathing Allowance

Plat 3 RL

p. 0806

p. 0813

Kennet Bridge Loop

Booked To Wait
1min Eng. Allowance
1min Pathing Allowance

a. 0818

d. 0829

Kennet Bridge Jn

1min Pathing Allowance


p. 0832


Stops For Operating Reasons
Crew Change (if necessary)

a. 0835

d. 0839

a. 0843

Schedule Info

Departing Tue 14/06/2022
Created Sat 29/01/22 02:08
Validity 16/05/22 until 09/12/2022
Schedule ID W45308 (1123900)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 01 hrs 07 mins

Train Info

Operated By GWR
Timed For 75mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load 350
Service Type Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) (EE)
Service Code 25396002
Flow Info GWR - Sleepers
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