30 Day Frgt STP Outlook

View listings for STP special services at a chosen location for up to 30 days in the future.


Service Outlook

Enter a location (required), operator (optional) and headcode (or first part of one, optional).

This service shows results for train services at a given location for up to 30 days in advance. While our Daily STP Update service for Pro Members gives info about these services, the only way to quickly check through the upcoming weeks is to check day by day on live train times. Until now.

STP Outlook lets you obtain results for Short Term Plan services for the next 30 days. Any days which do not have STPs will not be shown.

Due to the volume of schedules which could potentially be displayed, this service is limited to show the following:

  • Freight STPs, including full or partial headcodes starting with the first digit (eg 6,6C, 6C0, 6C01 etc all valid)
  • STP Sleepers
  • Railtours and Charter Services

New schedules created with the last schedule timetable update will be marked as New on this service.

Unlike other pages on this website, you can enter a comma separated list of headcodes or partial headcodes. Examples below.

How To Search STP Services Next 30 Days

  • To show class 6 freights at a location, set the headcode field to just 6.
  • To show STP test trains at Derby, either set the operator to Colas Rail, or comma separate the headcodes. Eg 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, 3Z, 1Z.
  • Upcoming DCR STPs at Reading, set the location, set the operator and click search.
  • To show class 4 and class 7 freights, not class 6, you would enter headcode as 4,7.