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Searching By Headcode

Use the search functions above to search for train services by signalling ID / headcode. Optionally, choose a date and operator.

Similarly to the live train times search, results will be shown in order of departure, along with their live running information.

You can use this feature to search by:

Understanding a Headcode

A headcode is a 4 character code used to identify trains across the UK rail network. Headcodes follow a number-letter-number-number sequence.

The First Number

The first number identifies the class of train, as outlined below:

The Letter

Historically the second character, a letter, held significance to the region of the train's route. Whilst this still exists in some instances, the letter now mostly identifies particular routes within a region.

Eg a 2C working might relate to Brighton to Seaford services in the South East, but also Exeter to Barnstaple services in the West.

With working timetable freight services, the letter does still hold significance to the region. Some examples, plus others, below.

The Last Two Numbers

Usually the last two numbers refer to the time of departure and with passenger services these will usually increment throughout the day.

Headcode Examples