Update Your Preferences

Various settings to enhance your exerience

Location Search Preferences

Settings to change the information shown on the location results pages.

Result Filters

This open gives you extra text boxes to filter specific services for example by speed or headcode. It does take up a bit more room.


Turn this on to show the full number of one of the sighting reports as opposed to just the number of sightings

Plain Text Button

Turning this on gives you a secret button at the bottom which takes you to a page thats easy to copy/paste into Excel. Applies only to live search results.

Train Schedule Preferences

Settings to change the information shown on the train schedule pages

Compact Rows

Turning this on will try and make the row height as small as possible whilst still showing changes en route etc.

Turn Off Tresspass Warnings

Get rid of those annoying safety messages on special services. You must promise not to be naughty.

"Approaching" self updating banner

This is off by default because it can get confused with other trains of the same headcode. Instead i'll start adding signal movement reports to schedules. If you really want it back, turn this on.

Other Preferences

Adjust other settings

Purge Location History

Clear your [Rail Record] search history.


Prev / Next Day Location

Default: Bottom. Choose where the prev / next day date skipper buttons are displayed on location and headcode result pages

Never Use Dark Mode

Live train times respects your browser/device colour scheme (dark/day) mode. If you never want dark mode, turn this on.

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