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Searching for Train Services

Use the search functions above to search for train services at your chosen location. Adjust the search criteria to filter the services to be displayed.

Searching for Services

Enter a location in the search box above. Either enter the location name (must be correct), or pick from the dropdown list when you enter 3 characters or more.

You can also enter CRS or TIPLOC, and when correct, the matching location will be at the top of the results. Select a date, and if preferred, an operator too.

Understanding Search Results

Whether you use the live train times or another tool on Rail Record, service results will be shown similarly to the below.

P 3

a. 1320

d. 1345



Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

Eastleigh Works Gbrf



Tonbridge 1320


Starting from the leftmost side...

Click anywhere on a service row to view the schedule.

Understanding Live Running

If no live indicator is shown, the service may not be running.

Understanding A Train Schedule

Understanding a train schedule should be reasonably straightforward. Call points are split into rows and each row has information about the call point.

At the very top is the service summary and latest report if running.

Top left is most notably the location. Depending on the size of the screen, either to the right of it (or below it) will be the platform and line, and any information about the stop (if available).


A booked platform is clickable and will take you to the location page with immediate filter of the same platform. Some platforms will not be clickable. Platforms collected from other sources (which would otherwise be missing from the timetable) are not clickable. Nor are "actual" platforms, coloured green or red, with the platform the train actually used.


The middle column, present whether or not a train is running, are the booked times. a. indicative of arrival time, d. departure and p. pass.

The rightmost column may or may not be filled and will only show stuff if the train is running.

Green indicates an on-time report give or take 30 seconds. Red indicates late, and orange indicates early. An asterisked * report is an assumption based on signal movement data, where otherwise there would be no report.

A "NR" means no report, and the train hasn't given an actual time, such as in poor signalling areas or if the train is off-route.

Train Schedule Image

Changes En Route

Some services may be subject to changes en route. For example, a power change or changes in the onboard catering services.

With some services, a change of origin or change of destination may be exhibited, in which case either a blue banner at the top will disclose this, or if the train is running but a later timing point has changed, this may be bordered blue and detailed in the changes enroute section.

Schedule / Train Information

A brief explaination of the information shown on the bottom of each train timetable:


How can I disable dark theme?

The website will change from light to dark theme, depending on your device / browser settings.

Dark mode can be disabled in preferences (spanner on main menu).

Why don't train services show formations (including toilet section) anymore?

Train formation data has moved to the location result page and (for now) is no longer shown on the train schedule page. Why? Because formations may change en-route. On the previous site, only the starting formation was shown. Now, the formation will be reflective of its current length at the station you search by.

Make sure you have Darwin enabled to show this data.

What do binoculars mean next to an operator on live results page?

Binocular icon indicates a site member has posted their sighting report of what units are working a specific train.

Why do some locations border in blue and show "Location changed to X"?

If a train schedule is already activated and a journey needs to be amended, an en-route call point may be changed. For example Toton Up Sidings might change to Toton North Yard.

This is not a guaranteed change of location, but one should be aware of a potential change in a train's movements.

Latest TRUST Service Alterations

Services with last-minute amendments to their en-route schedule or call points

0Z70 Hinksey Sdgs to Westbury Up T.C.
Westbury Up T.C. changed to Westbury Down T.C. - Go To Schedule

4E25 Bow Depot to Heck Plasmor P S
Peterborough changed to Peterborough West Yard - Go To Schedule

6E19 Peak Forest Cemex Sdgs to Attercliffe Sdgs Ews
Attercliffe Sdgs Ews changed to Attercliffe M&G - Go To Schedule

6Z47 Dollands Moor Sdgs to Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd
Daventry Int Rft Recep Rfd changed to Daventry Irft (Malcolm Wh) - Go To Schedule

4S38 Seaforth C.T. Mdhc (Ews) to Mossend Down Yard
Mossend Down Yard changed to Mossend Shunt & Marshallng - Go To Schedule

6Y34 Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf to Parkeston S.S.
Parkeston S.S. changed to Parkeston S.S. - Go To Schedule

6Y34 Whitemoor Yard L.D.C Gbrf to Parkeston S.S.
Parkeston S.S. changed to Parkeston New Yard Fl - Go To Schedule

5D89 Crewe C.S. to Crewe
Crewe C.S. changed to Crewe Sig. Ce533 - Go To Schedule

5K52 Crewe to Crewe C.S.
Crewe C.S. changed to Crewe Sig. Ce533 - Go To Schedule

1F03 London Blackfriars to Ashford International
Blackfriars Jn changed to London Victoria - Go To Schedule