Train 0Z20 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) to Eastleigh

Operated By SLC Rail

d. 0900

p. 0903


Driver Changes Ends

a. 0906

d. 0913

p. 0914

p. 0920

p. 0926


Driver Changes Ends
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1min Pathing Allowance

a. 0927

d. 0942

Fareham North Jn

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a. 0945

d. 0956

p. 1002

p. 1008

a. 1010

Schedule Info

Departing Thu 04/08/2022
Created Wed 03/08/22 00:10
Validity 04/08/22 until 05/08/2022
Schedule ID R23997 (2796204)
Schedule Type STP
Duration 01 hrs 10 mins

Train Info

Operated By SLC Rail
Timed For 75mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Service Type Light Locomotive (ZZ)
Service Code 58100100
Flow Info SLC Ops Ltd Stock Moves and RHTT
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