Train 3Q54 Swindon to Cardiff Central

Operated By GBRf, Runs Only If Required

d. 1251

p. 1257


1min Eng. Allowance
4min Pathing Allowance

p. 1305

p. 1319

Bristol Parkway

Stops For Operating Reasons

a. 1324

d. 1326

p. 1328


1min Pathing Allowance

p. 1331

p. 1333

Severn Tunnel West

2min Pathing Allowance

p. 1337

Severn Tunnel Jn

7min Pathing Allowance

Plat 3 RL

p. 1340

Llanwern West Jn

2min Pathing Allowance

p. 1357

Maindee West Jn

1min Eng. Allowance

p. 1402

Newport (South Wales)

Stops For Operating Reasons

a. 1405

d. 1407

Ebbw Jn

1min Pathing Allowance


p. 1410


1min Eng. Allowance

p. 1414

Long Dyke Jn

3min Pathing Allowance


p. 1419

a. 1424

Schedule Info

Departing Thu 04/08/2022
Created Sat 30/07/22 00:10
Validity 01/08/22 until 05/08/2022
Schedule ID K04237 (2776004)
Schedule Type STP
Duration 01 hrs 33 mins

Train Info

Operated By GBRf
Timed For 90mph
Power Type DMU
Timing Load Class 158 - 175
Service Type Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) (EE)
Characteristics Runs to Terminals/Yards as required
Service Code 55460080
Flow Info GB Railfreight - Stock Movements
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