Train 6V16 2240 Newhaven Marine Ag Tml Dbc to Acton T.C.

DB Cargo service

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Schedule Information

Runs: Tue 23rd Feb 2021
Validity: M Tu F , (14/12/2020 to 14/05/2021)
Schedule ID: H58236 (5533483)
Created: Sat 21st Nov 2020 02:08
Schedule Type: WTT
Run Status: Not Activated

Train Information

Operator: DB Cargo
TSC: 57121920
Planned Max Speed: 60 mph
Timed Load: 1600
Information: Runs as required
Runs to Terminals/Yards as required
Power Type: Diesel Locomotive

Members Area

Member Notes:
Description: DBC UK: Newhaven - Brentford
Usual Class DBC 66 + HRA Hoppers or JNA boxes
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