Train 6Y92 Grain Foster Yeoman Gbrf to Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

Operated By GBRf, Runs Only If Required

d. 1905

Grain (Old Station)

Stops For Operating Reasons

a. 1915

d. 1915

Grain Level Crossing

Token or Staff Exchange

a. 1918

d. 1919

Cliffe Signal Nk509

Token or Staff Exchange

a. 1937

d. 1940

Hoo Junction

Booked To Wait

a. 1946

d. 1959

p. 2005

Springhead Junction (Ctrl)

10min Pathing Allowance

p. 2007

p. 2026

Dartford Jn

1min Pathing Allowance

p. 2027

Crayford Spur B

3min Pathing Allowance

p. 2030


3min Pathing Allowance

p. 2034


5min Pathing Allowance

p. 2043


1min Pathing Allowance

p. 2056

Lee Spur Jn

3min Pathing Allowance


p. 2100

p. 2107

p. 2113

p. 2115

p. 2118

p. 2131


Driver Changes Ends
Shunting Move

a. 2140

d. 2147

Tonbridge West Yard Gbrf

Shunting Move

a. 2155

Schedule Info

Departing Thu 16/06/2022
Created Sat 21/05/22 00:10
Validity 16/05/22 until 09/12/2022
Schedule ID H25012 (2080466)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 02 hrs 50 mins

Train Info

Operated By GBRf
Timed For 60mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load 2000
Service Type Aggregates
Characteristics Runs as required
Runs to Terminals/Yards as required
Service Code 51464580
Flow Info GBRf Tarmac Various - Aggregates
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