Train 6G16 Cliffe Hill Stud Farm Gbrf to Bescot Up Engineers Sdgs

Operated By GBRf

d. 1148

p. 1203

p. 1223

Wigston North Jn

3min Pathing Allowance

p. 1227

p. 1238


1min Eng. Allowance

p. 1247

p. 1254

Nuneaton Abbey Jn

1min Eng. Allowance

p. 1257

p. 1316

Coleshill Parkway

1min Pathing Allowance

p. 1318

p. 1322

Water Orton West Jn

2min Pathing Allowance

p. 1323

Park Lane Jn West Mids

1min Eng. Allowance
1min Pathing Allowance

p. 1327

Ryecroft Jn

1min Pathing Allowance

p. 1351

p. 1355

p. 1357

p. 1400

a. 1403

Schedule Info

Departing Tue 11/06/2024
Created Tue 20/02/24 20:43
Validity 03/06/24 until 13/12/2024
Schedule ID H24256 (8831090)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 02 hrs 15 mins

Train Info

Operated By GBRf
Timed For 60mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load 2020
Service Type Departmental (DD)
Service Code 54761000
Flow Info GB Railfreight ( + seasonal RHTT and SITT)
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