Train 5D75 Three Bridges Tl Up Depot to Brighton

Operated By Thameslink, Runs Only If Required

d. 1222

3 Bridges Up Dep Sig Td165

Stops For Operating Reasons


a. 1231

d. 1231

p. 1234

p. 1238

Haywards Heath

Stops For Operating Reasons
Booked To Wait

a. 1239

d. 1254

Keymer Jn

1min Pathing Allowance

p. 1258

p. 1310

Lewes Signal Lw58

Driver Changes Ends

a. 1312

d. 1320

p. 1322

p. 1328

a. 1335

Schedule Info

Departing Wed 03/08/2022
Created Sat 26/02/22 02:08
Validity 16/05/22 until 09/12/2022
Schedule ID C33722 (1434429)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 01 hrs 13 mins

Train Info

Operated By Thameslink
Timed For 100mph
Power Type EMU
Timing Load Class 700
Service Type Empty Coaching Stock (ECS) (EE)
Characteristics Driver Only Operated (DOO)
Runs as required
Service Code 22788002
Flow Info Thameslink Empty Coach Stock Movements
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