Train 6T28 Immingham B.S.C. Ore Tml to Santon F.O.T.

Operated By DB Cargo

d. 1839

Immingham West Jn.

5min Pathing Allowance

p. 1843

Humber Road Jn

1min Eng. Allowance

p. 1851

p. 1901

p. 1903

p. 1911

Wrawby Jn

2min Pathing Allowance

p. 1912

p. 1931

a. 1936

Schedule Info

Departing Thu 23/06/2022
Created Thu 27/01/22 02:08
Validity 16/05/22 until 09/12/2022
Schedule ID H28319 (1062651)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 00 hrs 57 mins

Train Info

Operated By DB Cargo
Timed For 60mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load 2600
Service Code 51425130
Flow Info DBC UK: Immingham to Santon / Scunthorpe (Ore)
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