Train 6D18 Doncaster Down Decoy Gbrf to Leeds Whitehall Rd Gbrf

Operated By GBRf

d. 2230

p. 2232


Booked To Wait
2min Pathing Allowance

a. 2235

d. 2236

p. 2244

Adwick Jn

1min Pathing Allowance

p. 2245

p. 2251

p. 2258

p. 2301

Calder Bridge Jn

Booked To Wait


a. 2304

d. 2352

Turners Lane Jn.

Booked To Wait

a. 0001

d. 0001

p. 0006

p. 0008

Stourton Jn

May Stop to Allow Train to Pass
2min Eng. Allowance

p. 0014

p. 0019

p. 0020

Whitehall Rd Gf

Stops to Amend Train Formation
Driver Changes Ends
Stops For Operating Reasons

a. 0022

d. 0104

a. 0107

Schedule Info

Departing Wed 22/06/2022
Created Thu 27/01/22 02:08
Validity 16/05/22 until 09/12/2022
Schedule ID H24264 (1061983)
Schedule Type WTT
Duration 02 hrs 37 mins

Train Info

Operated By GBRf
Timed For 60mph
Power Type Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load 600
Service Type Domestic and Industrial Waste (B5)
Service Code 51464580
Flow Info GBRf Tarmac Various - Aggregates
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