Live Train Times

Rail Record Basic Search

To search UK train times, click the magnifying glass above and use the dropdown search fields.

Enter a train station into the search field, and enter a date in format dd/mm/yy. The default date is today so leave blank if you want services for today.

Use the relevant button to show the train services which you are after.

ALL - Shows all train services from 0000 until 2359 on the chosen date at the specified location.

FREIGHT - Shows freight trains only on the given date at the given location.

Getting Started - List of Train Services

You may see the option to narrow down your search, especially when there are multiple locations with similar name to the one you've searched for. Just click on one of the locations which is listed to confirm your choice.

A list of train services will be shown at the location you've chosen, along with relevant information about the service including:

  1. Their expected arrival/pass/departure time
  2. Where the train is going, and where the train is from
  3. The train's headcode, and schedule type (WTT | STP | VSTP)
  4. A notification of service cancellation, if cancelled
  5. A link to view the schedule

Clicking 'View Schedule' will provide you with the train's calling points, timings, and operational information such as train operating company and description.

Getting Started - Understanding the Timetable

The first column on the timetable is the location. The second column is reasons for stops. The third is the timings (a. arrival, d. departure, p. pass time), the fourth being the platform it is scheduled to pass through. Platform may change subject to signalling requirements.

On a train's timetable, we have annotated each stop explaining the reason for the stop, outlined below.

Waits here for other trains to pass, waits here for other operating reasons, or this train starts here.
Train stops here to amend train formation
Train stops here to attach a banking locomotive
Stops here to change train crew if required
Pick up / set down passengers
Train stops here for an examination before proceeding
Stops to change locomotive
Train shunts here
Train stops to reverse, driver changes ends, or locomotive runs around (if single engine)
Attach/Detach vehicles
This train terminates here
Collection of token or tablet
Train stops to take on water

Train Operating Information

Below the timetable is a list of operating characteristics, mainly aimed at railway enthusiasts but can be enjoyed by all.

Max Speed

The speed which the train is timetabled to travel at. Slower Max Speed will result in bigger timing gaps between calling points. Gives driver enough time to get between stations etc if on a slow train. The Max Speed may also be determined by the train load. Freight train wagons may be limited to certain speeds when laden. If the max speed is unsually high such as 224mph, it is actually KPH (some VSTP schedules show KPH not MPH).

Service Description

A brief summary of what the service is. ECS means Empty Coaching Stock. For some services, it may also show the initial origin and final destination of a freight traffic flow. The service description field is hand compiled by railway enthusiast sightings. Please allow for human error if these are incorrect. If you spot something thats wrong, please feel free to contact us using the Get In Touch page.


Located at both the top and bottom of timetable, the operator is the train operating company of a particular service. Freight trains may not show their operator until the service is activated. Again, our list of operators is human compiled from train sightings around the country, so please allow for human error. If you think something is wrong, please use the Get In Touch page and we will update ASAP.

Timing Load

In conjunction with the Max Speed, this also contributes to the schedule timings between locations. Not to be taken seriously as this isn't an actually the train's weight, but rather the weight it's timetabled for.

Presumed Traction

The typical train class which usually works this service. This gen is also compiled by hand so some data may not yet be complete.

Actual Traction

Once the live train times system is completed, our next project is to provide railway enthusiasts with the opportunity to add sighting information and train allocations. Users will be able to log in and add confirmed traction reports to services. Following this, we will create a members page where users can search for and follow locomotives and units. This service will rely on users uploading sighting reports. This will be free to register. Registration is required so that we can monitor users activity in that the service is treated responsibly and not misused with fake information. The service is not TOPS. Coming 2019.