Train 0Z38 14:43 Nottingham Eastcroft Carriage Sidings to Derby RTC Serco

0Z38 Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: Derby RTC Serco (15:19 5 Early)

Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 14/08/19
Schedule ID: 31377
Sched Created: 14/08/19 03:54:58
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: Infrastructure management, general loco moves and network rail engineering trains
Service Code: 52495100
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 14/08/19 07:11:21
Trust ID:55074V2P14
Train Information
Max Speed: 101mph
Timing Load: 2020
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:ZZ Light Locomotive
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: Colas locomotives (56/60/66/70 etc) or track machine under colas rail
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Derby RTC SercoArrived15:195 EarlyTerminated.
DERBY WAY & WORKS JUNCTIONDeparted15:185 Early
Derby 5Departed15:175 Early
Derby 5Arrived15:150 On time
DERBY WAY & WORKS JUNCTIONDeparted15:131 Early
SpondonArrived15:111 Early
Spondon 2Departed15:102 Early
Sheet Stores JunctionDeparted15:033 Early
Trent East JunctionDeparted15:013 Early
Beeston South JunctionDeparted14:561 Late
Nottingham Mansfield Junction Departed14:543 Late
Nottingham 4Departed14:523 Late
NottinghamArrived14:463 Early
Nottingham Eastcroft Carriage SidingsDeparted14:430 On time