Train 0Z66 12:45 Fort William British Alcan GB Railfreight to Fort William British Alcan Freightliner Terminal

0Z66 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: Fort William Junction (17:02 9 Late)

Fort William British Alcan GB Railfreight d. 12:45
Fort William Junction a. 13:01 d. 13:06
Spean Bridge a. 13:22 d. 13:22
Roy Bridge a. 13:29 d. 13:29
Tulloch a. 13:40 d. 13:40
Corrour a. 13:59 d. 13:59
Rannoch a. 14:11 d. 14:11
Bridge Of Orchy a. 14:35½ d. 14:35½
"Tyndrum Upper" (Upper Tyndrum) a. 14:49½ d. 14:55½
Crianlarich a. 15:06½ d. 15:16½ 1
"Tyndrum Upper" (Upper Tyndrum) a. 15:25½ d. 15:25½
Bridge Of Orchy a. 15:38½ d. 15:38½
Rannoch a. 15:58½ d. 15:58½
Corrour p. 16:09½
Tulloch a. 16:24½ d. 16:24½
Roy Bridge p. 16:34½
Spean Bridge a. 16:39½ d. 16:39½
Fort William Junction a. 16:53½ d. 16:58½
Fort William British Alcan Freightliner Terminal a. 17:14
Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 14/08/19
Schedule ID: 31373
Sched Created: 14/08/19 03:02:51
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GB Railfreight ( + seasonal RHTT and SITT)
Service Code: 54761000
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 14/08/19 10:45:20
Trust ID:060Z662L14
Train Information
Max Speed: 134mph
Timing Load: 400
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:ZZ Light Locomotive
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: GBRf - Class 66/Class 73
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Fort William JunctionArrived17:029 Late
RannochDeparted16:035 LateCorrection.
RannochArrived16:024 LateCorrection.
RannochArrived15:580 On time
RannochDeparted15:580 On time
CrianlarichDeparted15:160 On time
CrianlarichArrived15:060 On time
RannochDeparted13:5120 Early
RannochArrived13:5021 Early
Fort William JunctionDeparted12:2046 Early
Fort William JunctionArrived11:2596 Early