Train 1Q48 13:00 Derby RTC Serco to Tyseley Light Maintenance Depot

1Q48 Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: Tyseley Light Maintenance Depot (01:45 119 Early)

Derby RTC Serco d. 13:00
Derby Way And Works Sidings p. 13:01
Derby a. 13:02 d. 13:07 4
Derby LNW Junction p. 13:10
Melbourne Junction p. 13:11
Sunnyhill a. 13:13 d. 13:38
Stenson Junction p. 13:42
North Stafford Junction p. 13:43
Clay Mills Junction p. 13:46
Burton On Trent East Yard Loop a. 13:53 d. 13:58
Burton On Trent p. 14:02
Burton Leicester Junction a. 14:05 d. 14:09
Burton On Trent p. 14:10
Clay Mills Junction p. 14:19
North Stafford Junction p. 14:23
Stenson Junction p. 14:24
Castle Donington a. 14:38½ d. 14:55½
Sheet Stores Junction p. 15:04
Trent East Junction p. 15:06
Toton Junction p. 15:08
Toton Centre a. 15:11 d. 15:19
Toton Junction p. 15:23
Meadow Lane Junction p. 15:27
Trent South Junction p. 15:29
Loughborough a. 15:38 d. 15:46 3
Trent South Junction p. 15:55½
Meadow Lane Junction p. 15:58
Toton Junction p. 16:03
Toton Centre a. 16:08 d. 16:16½
Toton Junction p. 16:19½
Trent East Junction p. 16:21½
Sheet Stores Junction p. 16:23½
Castle Donington p. 16:31
Stenson Junction p. 16:46
North Stafford Junction p. 16:47
Clay Mills Junction p. 16:50
Burton On Trent a. 16:59 d. 17:04
Wichnor Junction p. 17:09½
Elford Loop a. 17:13½ d. 17:18½
Tamworth High Level p. 17:22½
Kingsbury Junction p. 17:28½
Whitacre Junction p. 17:32½
Coleshill Parkway p. 17:35 1
Water Orton p. 17:37½
Castle Bromwich Junction p. 17:40½
Washwood Heath No 1 p. 17:53½
Landor Street Junction p. 17:56½
St Andrews Junction [West Midlands] p. 17:58½
Bordesley Junction p. 17:59½
Small Heath a. 18:02 d. 19:38
Small Heath South Junction p. 19:40
Tyseley a. 19:43 d. 19:55 3
Whitlocks End p. 20:03
Wood End p. 20:11
Henley-in-Arden p. 20:19
Bearley Junction p. 20:26
Stratford-Upon-Avon a. 20:35 d. 20:44 3
Bearley Junction p. 20:50
Claverdon p. 20:54
Hatton West Junction p. 20:56
Hatton p. 20:58
Leamington Spa a. 21:07 d. 21:18½ 3
Milverton Junction p. 21:21½
Kenilworth a. 21:27½ d. 21:46½
Coventry Gibbet Hill Junction p. 21:50½
Coventry p. 21:54½ 3
Coventry Coundon Road Level Crossing p. 21:57
Three Spires Junction p. 22:00
Hawkesbury Lane p. 22:02½
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton Junction p. 22:14½
Nuneaton p. 22:16 2
Nuneaton Abbey Junction p. 22:18
WHITACRE DOWN ARLEY LOOP a. 22:32 d. 23:10
Whitacre Junction p. 23:14
Nuneaton Abbey Junction p. 23:33½
Nuneaton p. 23:36 2
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton Junction p. 23:37½
Hawkesbury Lane p. 23:46½
Hawkesbury Lane Up Loop a. 23:49½ d. 00:32½
Three Spires Junction p. 00:34½
Coventry Coundon Road Level Crossing p. 00:41
Coventry p. 00:43½ 2
Coventry Gibbet Hill Junction p. 00:49½
Kenilworth a. 00:55½ d. 00:55½
Milverton Junction p. 01:02½
Leamington Spa p. 01:06½ UM
Fenny Compton a. 01:19½ d. 01:45
Leamington Spa a. 01:57 d. 02:22 2
Hatton p. 02:28
Hatton West Junction p. 02:30
Bearley Junction p. 02:36
Stratford-Upon-Avon a. 02:40½ d. 02:50½ 1
Bearley Junction p. 02:55½
Henley-in-Arden p. 03:00
Wood End Signal TB3478 p. 03:05
Wood End p. 03:06
Whitlocks End p. 03:09½
Tyseley p. 03:15½ 4
Small Heath South Junction p. 03:16½
Birmingham Moor Street a. 03:21 d. 03:34 3
Small Heath South Junction p. 03:38½
Tyseley Light Maintenance Depot a. 03:44
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 13/08/19
Schedule ID: 31101
Sched Created: 13/08/19 07:34:14
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: COLAS NSC P.L.P.R
Service Code: 52495113
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 13/08/19 07:37:55
Trust ID:57129R2M13
Train Information
Max Speed: 134mph
Timing Load:
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:DT Test Trains
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: Class 37 or 73
Sighted Allocation: 67023
Sighted Allocation: 67027
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Tyseley Light Maintenance DepotArrived01:45119 EarlyTerminated.
Whitlocks EndArrived01:3594 Early
Whitlocks EndDeparted01:3594 Early
Wood EndArrived01:3195 Early
Wood End Signal TB3478Departed01:3095 Early
Henley-in-ArdenDeparted01:2595 Early
Bearley JunctionDeparted01:2194 Early
Stratford-Upon-AvonDeparted01:1694 Early
Stratford-Upon-AvonArrived01:1387 Early
Bearley JunctionDeparted01:0888 Early
Hatton West JunctionDeparted00:5199 Early
HattonArrived00:4999 Early
Hatton 3Departed00:4999 Early
Leamington SpaArrived00:3978 EarlyTerminated.
Leamington Spa 2Departed00:39103 Early
Leamington SpaDeparted00:2937 Early
Leamington SpaArrived00:2442 Early
Milverton JunctionDeparted00:1646 Early
KenilworthArrived00:1342 Early
Coventry Gibbet Hill JunctionDeparted00:0742 Early
Coventry 2Departed00:0439 Early
CoventryArrived00:0340 Early
Hawkesbury LaneDeparted23:3610 Early
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton JunctionDeparted23:298 Early
Nuneaton 2Departed23:2610 Early
NuneatonArrived23:1125 Early
Nuneaton Abbey JunctionDeparted23:0825 Early
Whitacre JunctionDeparted22:5519 Early
Whitacre JunctionArrived22:2747 Early
Nuneaton Abbey JunctionDeparted22:144 Early
NuneatonArrived22:124 Early
Nuneaton 2Departed22:124 Early
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton JunctionDeparted22:095 Early
Hawkesbury LaneDeparted22:042 Late
Three Spires JunctionDeparted22:011 Late
Coventry Coundon Road Level CrossingDeparted21:581 Late
Coventry 4Departed21:551 Late
CoventryArrived21:495 Early
Coventry Gibbet Hill JunctionDeparted21:446 Early
KenilworthDeparted21:424 Early
KenilworthArrived21:369 Late
Milverton JunctionDeparted21:254 Late
Leamington Spa 3Departed21:224 Late
Leamington Spa 3Arrived21:103 Late
HattonArrived21:002 Late
Hatton 3Departed21:002 Late
Hatton West JunctionDeparted20:582 Late
ClaverdonDeparted20:562 Late
Bearley JunctionDeparted20:522 Late
Stratford-Upon-AvonDeparted20:462 Late
Stratford-Upon-AvonArrived20:427 Late
Bearley JunctionDeparted20:282 Late
Henley-in-ArdenDeparted20:245 Late
Wood EndArrived20:198 Late
Whitlocks EndDeparted20:107 Late
Whitlocks EndArrived20:030 On time
Tyseley 3Departed19:496 Early
Tyseley 3Arrived19:474 Late
Small Heath South JunctionDeparted19:466 Late
Small HeathDeparted19:446 Late
Bordesley JunctionDeparted17:572 Early
St Andrews Junction [West Midlands]Departed17:562 Early
Landor Street JunctionDeparted17:533 Early
Landor Street JunctionArrived17:515 Early
Washwood Heath No 1Departed17:494 Early
Castle Bromwich JunctionDeparted17:444 Late
Water OrtonArrived17:414 Late
Water OrtonDeparted17:414 Late
Coleshill ParkwayArrived17:372 Late
Coleshill ParkwayDeparted17:361 Late
Whitacre JunctionDeparted17:342 Late
Kingsbury JunctionDeparted17:302 Late
Tamworth High LevelArrived17:264 Late
Tamworth High LevelDeparted17:253 Late
Elford LoopArrived17:229 Late
Wichnor JunctionDeparted17:145 Late
Clay Mills JunctionDeparted16:2228 Early
Stenson JunctionDeparted16:1729 Early
Sheet Stores JunctionDeparted15:5528 Early
Trent East JunctionDeparted15:5229 Early
Meadow Lane JunctionDeparted15:2632 Early
Trent South JunctionDeparted15:2332 Early
Loughborough 3Departed15:1135 Early
Loughborough 3Arrived15:0830 Early
Trent South JunctionDeparted14:4940 Early
Meadow Lane JunctionDeparted14:4443 Early
Toton CentreDeparted14:4237 Early
Toton CentreArrived14:3437 Early
Toton JunctionDeparted14:3335 Early
Trent East JunctionDeparted14:3036 Early
Sheet Stores JunctionDeparted14:2836 Early
Stenson JunctionDeparted14:0717 Early
North Stafford JunctionDeparted14:0617 Early
Clay Mills JunctionDeparted14:0118 Early
Burton On Trent East Yard LoopDeparted13:4810 Early
Clay Mills JunctionDeparted13:3214 Early
North Stafford JunctionDeparted13:2419 Early
Stenson JunctionDeparted13:2319 Early
SunnyhillDeparted13:2117 Early
SunnyhillArrived13:207 Late
Derby LNW JunctionDeparted13:199 Late
Melbourne JunctionDeparted13:198 Late
Derby 4Departed13:169 Late
Derby 4Arrived13:1311 Late
Derby RTC SercoDeparted13:066 Late