Train 11:25 Newhaven Hall Aggregates to Acton Terminal Complex

648M Operated By DB Cargo

Latest Report: Acton Terminal Complex (14:00 4 Late)

Newhaven Hall Aggregates d. 11:25
Southerham Junction p. 11:34
Lewes p. 11:37 2
Keymer Junction p. 11:50
Haywards Heath p. 11:54½ 3
Copyhold Junction p. 11:55½
Balcombe Tunnel Junction p. 12:01½
Three Bridges a. 12:05 d. 12:09½ 3
Gatwick Airport p. 12:14 1
Earlswood (Surrey) p. 12:20½
Redhill p. 12:23 UML
Stoats Nest Junction p. 12:31
Purley p. 12:32 3
South Croydon p. 12:37 3
East Croydon p. 12:40½ 4
Windmill Bridge Junction p. 12:41½
Selhurst p. 12:43½ 2
Streatham Common p. 12:52 2
Streatham North Junction p. 12:53
Balham p. 12:58½ 2
Clapham Junction Central Lines p. 13:05 16
Latchmere Junction a. 13:08½ d. 13:27½
Kensington Olympia p. 13:37 DML
North Pole Junction p. 13:41½
Mitre Bridge Junction p. 13:43
Willesden West London Junction p. 13:44½
Willesden South West Sidings p. 13:46½ SWT
Acton Wells Junction p. 13:51
Acton Terminal Complex a. 13:56
Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 14/08/19
Schedule ID: H17185
Sched Created: 13/08/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:VAR
Operated By: DB Cargo
Description: DBC UK: Merehead / Whatley - Newhaven Aggregates
Service Code: 59120003
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 14/08/19 04:44:49
Trust ID:88648MCK14
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 600
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: DB Class 66/59 | Hanson/Agg Ind Class 59 with JNA / JYA boxes
Sighted Allocation: 66170
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Acton Terminal ComplexArrived14:004 LateTerminated.
Acton Wells JunctionDeparted13:587 Late
Willesden West London JunctionDeparted13:386 Early
Mitre Bridge JunctionDeparted13:376 Early
North Pole JunctionArrived13:365 Early
North Pole JunctionDeparted13:365 Early
Kensington OlympiaDeparted13:325 Early
Kensington OlympiaArrived13:307 Early
Latchmere JunctionDeparted13:234 Early
CLAPHAM JUNCTION LONDON16Departed13:050 On time
BalhamArrived13:002 Late
Balham 2Departed12:591 Late
Streatham North JunctionDeparted12:563 Late
Streatham Common 2Departed12:553 Late
Streatham CommonArrived12:542 Late
SelhurstArrived12:463 Late
SelhurstDeparted12:463 Late
Windmill Bridge JunctionDeparted12:443 Late
East CroydonArrived12:433 Late
East Croydon 4Departed12:433 Late
South Croydon 3Departed12:403 Late
South CroydonArrived12:392 Late
PurleyArrived12:353 Late
Purley 3Departed12:342 Late
Stoats Nest JunctionDeparted12:332 Late
RedhillUDeparted12:252 Late
Earlswood (Surrey)Arrived12:244 Late
RedhillArrived12:241 Late
Earlswood (Surrey) 1Departed12:233 Late
Gatwick AirportArrived12:173 Late
Gatwick Airport 1Departed12:162 Late
Three Bridges 2Arrived12:105 Late
Three Bridges 2Departed12:101 Late
Balcombe Tunnel JunctionDeparted12:065 Late
Haywards HeathArrived11:584 Late
Haywards Heath 3Departed11:584 Late
Keymer JunctionDeparted11:533 Late
Lewes 2Departed11:392 Late
LewesArrived11:381 Late
Southerham JunctionDeparted11:362 Late
Newhaven Hall AggregatesDeparted11:250 On time