Train 09:44 Doncaster Up Decoy Yard to MILLERHILL SHUNT & MARSHALLING

627N Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: MILLERHILL SHUNT & MARSHALLING (18:05 64 Early)

Doncaster Up Decoy Yard d. 09:44
Doncaster Potteric Carr Junction p. 09:47
Low Ellers Curve Junction p. 09:51
Doncaster St Catherines Junction a. 09:53 d. 10:13
Doncaster Decoy South Junction p. 10:15½
Doncaster Decoy North Junction p. 10:17½
Doncaster Bridge Junction p. 10:19
Doncaster p. 10:21½ 4
Arksey Loop a. 10:26 d. 10:37
Shaftholme Junction p. 10:43
Temple Hirst Junction p. 10:58
Hambleton North Junction p. 11:04
Colton Junction p. 11:12
York p. 11:23 5
Skelton Junction [York] p. 11:26½
Skelton Bridge Junction p. 11:29½
Tollerton Junction a. 11:37 d. 12:03
Thirsk p. 12:19½
Longlands Junction p. 12:29
Northallerton p. 12:30
Darlington South Down Passenger Loop a. 12:46 d. 13:13½
Darlington a. 13:17½ d. 13:38 DUS
Ferryhill South Junction p. 13:59
Tursdale Junction a. 14:08 d. 14:48
Durham p. 14:58 DM
Birtley Junction p. 15:07
King Edward Bridge South Junction p. 15:13
Newcastle a. 15:19 d. 15:25 2
Heaton South Junction p. 15:32½
Heaton North Junction a. 15:34½ d. 16:00½
Morpeth p. 16:20 2
Alnmouth p. 16:39 2
Belford Level Crossing p. 16:58½
Crag Mill Loop a. 17:01 d. 17:32½
Berwick-Upon-Tweed p. 17:51½
Reston Signal EG403 p. 17:56
Reston p. 18:05
Grantshouse p. 18:14½
Oxwellmains Crossover p. 18:24
Dunbar p. 18:26½
Drem p. 18:41
Prestonpans p. 18:51½
Monktonhall Junction p. 18:56½
MILLERHILL SIG EM14 a. 19:03½ d. 19:05½
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 13/08/19
Schedule ID: R01683
Sched Created: 08/08/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: Infrastructure management, general loco moves and network rail engineering trains
Service Code: 52495100
Real Headcode: 0S31
Activation Status: Activated: 13/08/19 06:44:42
Trust ID:23651G1F13
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 1600
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: Colas locomotives (56/60/66/70 etc) or track machine under colas rail
Sighted Allocation: 56094
Sighted Allocation: 56113
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MILLERHILL SHUNT & MARSHALLINGArrived18:0564 EarlyTerminated.
Monktonhall JunctionDeparted17:5561 Early
PrestonpansArrived17:4863 Early
Prestonpans 2Departed17:4764 Early
Reston Signal EG402Departed17:0650 Early
Belford Level CrossingDeparted16:3028 Early
AlnmouthArrived16:1722 Early
Alnmouth 2Departed16:1722 Early
MorpethArrived16:0218 Early
Morpeth 2Departed16:0119 Early
Heaton South JunctionDeparted15:408 Late
Newcastle 2Departed15:223 Early
Newcastle 2Arrived15:190 On time
King Edward Bridge South JunctionDeparted15:163 Late
Birtley JunctionDeparted15:114 Late
DurhamArrived14:2335 Early
Durham 2Departed14:2236 Early
Tursdale JunctionDeparted14:1335 Early
Ferryhill South JunctionDeparted13:3623 Early
DarlingtonLDeparted13:2315 Early
DarlingtonLArrived12:5522 Early
Darlington South Down Passenger LoopDeparted12:5221 Early
Darlington South Down Passenger LoopArrived11:5155 Early
NorthallertonArrived11:3654 Early
Longlands JunctionDeparted11:3554 Early
Northallerton 2Departed11:3555 Early
ThirskArrived11:2851 Early
Thirsk 2Departed11:2752 Early
Tollerton JunctionDeparted11:1449 Early
Skelton Junction [York]Departed11:0323 Early
YorkArrived11:0122 Early
York 5Departed11:0122 Early
Colton JunctionDeparted10:5517 Early
Hambleton North JunctionDeparted10:4816 Early
Temple Hirst JunctionDeparted10:4315 Early
Shaftholme JunctionDeparted10:367 Early
Doncaster Signal D276GDeparted09:4932 Early
Doncaster Signal D276Arrived09:4536 Early
Doncaster Bridge JunctionDeparted09:4138 Early
Doncaster Decoy North JunctionDeparted09:3641 Early
Doncaster Up Decoy YardDeparted09:1331 Early