Train 17:30 Westbury Down Yard to Lostwithiel

626U Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: Lostwithiel (22:22 8 Early)

Westbury Down Yard d. 17:30
Fairwood Junction p. 17:34½
Clink Road Junction p. 17:38½
Blatchbridge Junction p. 17:41½
East Somerset Junction (Witham) p. 17:47½
Castle Cary p. 17:57½ 2
Somerton Ground Frame p. 18:08½
Athelney Crossing p. 18:17½
Cogload Junction p. 18:21
Taunton p. 18:26 3
Norton Fitzwarren p. 18:28
Tiverton Whiteball p. 18:41½
Tiverton Parkway p. 18:45½ 1
Tiverton Loop p. 18:48
Cowley Bridge Junction p. 19:01½
Exeter St Davids a. 19:04 d. 19:06 4
Dawlish Warren p. 19:19
Dawlish p. 19:21
Teignmouth p. 19:25½
Newton Abbot p. 19:34½ 2
Newton Abbot West Junction p. 19:35
Dainton Tunnel p. 19:40
Totnes p. 19:46
Aish Emergency Crossovers p. 20:00
Ivybridge p. 20:05 1
Hemerdon p. 20:09
Laira Junction p. 20:15
Lipson Junction p. 20:16
Plymouth a. 20:19½ d. 20:21½ 5
St Budeaux Junction p. 20:27½
Saltash p. 20:31½ 1
St Germans p. 20:38½ 1
LISKEARD SIG DM260 p. 20:46
Liskeard p. 20:53½ 1
St Pinnock Viaduct East p. 21:00½
Largin p. 21:01½
BODMIN SIG LL1043 p. 21:08
Lostwithiel Down Goods Loop a. 21:12½ d. 22:25½
Lostwithiel a. 22:30 2
Schedule Information
Runs:Saturday 10/08/19
Schedule ID: U39637
Sched Created: 06/08/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: Infrastructure management, general loco moves and network rail engineering trains
Service Code: 52495100
Real Headcode: 6C20
Activation Status: Activated: 10/08/19 14:30:54
Trust ID:82626U1V10
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 1200
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: Colas locomotives (56/60/66/70 etc) or track machine under colas rail
Sighted Allocation: 66848
Sighted Allocation: 66850
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LostwithielArrived22:228 EarlyTerminated.
LiskeardDeparted20:476 Early
St GermansArrived20:362 Early
St GermansDeparted20:344 Early
Saltash 1Departed20:283 Early
SaltashArrived20:274 Early
St Budeaux JunctionDeparted20:234 Early
PlymouthTArrived20:181 Early
Laira JunctionDeparted20:141 Early
Lipson JunctionDeparted20:142 Early
HemerdonDeparted20:081 Early
IvybridgeArrived20:041 Early
IvybridgeDeparted20:032 Early
Aish Emergency CrossoversDeparted19:591 Early
TotnesArrived19:451 Early
TotnesDeparted19:451 Early
Dainton TunnelDeparted19:391 Early
Newton AbbotArrived19:340 On time
Newton Abbot West JunctionDeparted19:341 Early
Newton AbbotDeparted19:331 Early
TeignmouthArrived19:283 Late
Teignmouth 1Departed19:283 Late
DawlishArrived19:254 Late
Dawlish 1Departed19:254 Late
Dawlish WarrenArrived19:234 Late
Dawlish WarrenDeparted19:234 Late
Exeter St Davids 4Arrived19:128 Late
Cowley Bridge JunctionDeparted19:098 Late
Tiverton LoopArrived18:546 Late
Tiverton LoopDeparted18:546 Late
Tiverton ParkwayArrived18:527 Late
Tiverton Parkway 1Departed18:527 Late
Tiverton WhiteballDeparted18:487 Late
Tiverton WhiteballArrived18:465 Late
Norton FitzwarrenDeparted18:357 Late
TauntonArrived18:348 Late
Taunton 3Departed18:337 Late
Cogload JunctionDeparted18:276 Late
Athelney CrossingDeparted18:236 Late
Somerton ViaductDeparted18:124 Late
Castle CaryArrived17:592 Late
Castle Cary 2Departed17:592 Late
East Somerset Junction (Witham)Departed17:470 On time
Blatchbridge JunctionDeparted17:421 Late
Clink Road JunctionDeparted17:402 Late
Fairwood JunctionDeparted17:331 Early
Westbury Fairwood Junction Signal W105Departed17:291 Early