Train 6X01 10:17 Scunthorpe Trent Terminal Complex to Eastleigh East Yard

6X01 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: Eastleigh East Yard (19:33 2 Late)

Scunthorpe Trent Terminal Complex d. 10:17
Scunthorpe p. 10:23 2
Crowle p. 10:35 2
Thorne Junction p. 10:45½
Hatfield & Stainforth p. 10:49½
Kirk Sandall Junction p. 10:56
Bentley Junction p. 11:00
Doncaster Hexthorpe Junction a. 11:07½ d. 11:14½
Mexborough p. 11:23
Thrybergh Junction p. 11:27
Aldwarke Junction p. 11:28
Masborough Junction p. 11:31
Masborough Sorting Sidings Junction a. 11:35 d. 11:37
Treeton Junction p. 11:41
Beighton Junction p. 11:47
Barrow Hill North Junction p. 11:57½
Tapton Junction p. 12:02
Chesterfield p. 12:03 UBH
Chesterfield South Junction p. 12:04½
Clay Cross North Junction p. 12:07
Alfreton & Mansfield Parkway p. 12:16
Ironville Junction p. 12:19
Langley Mill p. 12:24 2
Trowell Junction p. 12:30½
Toton Centre p. 12:34½
Toton Junction p. 12:35½
Trent East Junction p. 12:37½
Sheet Stores Junction p. 12:39½
Castle Donington p. 12:46
Stenson Junction a. 13:00 d. 13:19
North Stafford Junction p. 13:22
Clay Mills Junction p. 13:26½
Burton On Trent p. 13:35½
Burton Leicester Junction p. 13:37½
Burton Branston Junction a. 13:45 d. 14:05½
Wichnor Junction p. 14:13½
Tamworth High Level p. 14:23½
Kingsbury Junction p. 14:31½
Water Orton p. 14:36½
Castle Bromwich Junction p. 14:39½
Washwood Heath No 1 p. 14:49½
Landor Street Junction a. 14:54½ d. 14:56½
St Andrews Junction [West Midlands] p. 15:00½
Bordesley Junction p. 15:03
Small Heath South Junction p. 15:07
Tyseley p. 15:09 1
Bentley Heath Crossing p. 15:22
Dorridge Up Passenger Loop
a. 15:24 d. 15:32
Dorridge p. 15:34 1
Hatton p. 15:43
Leamington Spa p. 15:51 UM
Fenny Compton a. 16:08 d. 16:18 UGL
Banbury p. 16:34½ 3
Aynho Junction p. 16:42½
Aynho Up Goods Loop a. 16:45½ d. 17:08½
Heyford p. 17:17 1
Wolvercot Junction p. 17:28
Oxford North Junction a. 17:33 d. 17:45
Oxford p. 17:48 TL
Kennington Junctionalso listed as Kennington Junction Points Heaters p. 17:51
Didcot North Junction p. 17:58
Didcot East Junction p. 17:59
Goring & Streatley p. 18:07½
Reading West Junction p. 18:18½
Reading Oxford Road Junction p. 18:22
Southcote Junction p. 18:24½
Bramley (Hants) p. 18:36½
Basingstoke p. 18:49 2
Worting Junction p. 19:01
Wallers Ash Loop p. 19:14½
Winchester p. 19:20 2
Shawford Junction p. 19:23
Eastleigh Allbrook Junction p. 19:28½
Eastleigh East Yard a. 19:31
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 18/06/19
Schedule ID: H27160
Sched Created: 15/06/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GB Railfreight ( + seasonal RHTT and SITT)
Service Code: 54761000
Real Headcode: 6X01
Activation Status: Activated: 18/06/19 06:38:03
Trust ID:226X01CG18
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 1760
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:DH Civil Engineer
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: GBRf 66 or 73
Sighted Allocation: 66702
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Eastleigh East YardArrived19:332 LateTerminated.
WinchesterArrived19:222 Late
Winchester 2Departed19:211 Late
Worting JunctionFDeparted19:021 Late
BasingstokeArrived18:427 Early
Basingstoke 2Departed18:418 Early
Bramley (Hants)Arrived18:342 Early
Bramley (Hants) 2Departed18:333 Early
Southcote JunctionDeparted18:240 On time
Reading Oxford Road JunctionDeparted18:231 Late
Reading West JunctionDeparted18:202 Late
Goring & StreatleyArrived18:103 Late
Goring & Streatley 4Departed18:092 Late
Didcot East JunctionDeparted18:012 Late
Didcot North JunctionDeparted18:002 Late
Kennington Junctionalso listed as Kennington Junction Points HeatersDeparted17:532 Late
OxfordArrived17:513 Late
OxfordDeparted17:502 Late
Oxford North JunctionDeparted17:472 Late
Wolvercot JunctionDeparted17:313 Late
HeyfordArrived17:236 Late
Heyford 1Departed17:225 Late
Aynho Up Goods LoopDeparted17:146 Late
Aynho Up Goods LoopArrived16:414 Early
Aynho JunctionDeparted16:393 Early
Banbury 3Departed16:277 Early
BanburyArrived16:268 Early
RESERVOIR JUNCTIONDeparted16:237 Early
Fenny ComptonDeparted16:135 Early
Fenny ComptonArrived16:080 On time
Leamington SpaArrived15:543 Late
Leamington SpaDeparted15:521 Late
HattonArrived15:412 Early
Hatton 1Departed15:412 Early
DorridgeArrived15:331 Early
Dorridge 1Departed15:331 Early
Dorridge Up Passenger LoopDeparted15:320 On time
Dorridge Up Passenger LoopArrived15:273 Late
Bentley Heath CrossingDeparted15:253 Late
Tyseley 1Departed15:112 Late
TyseleyArrived15:090 On time
Small Heath South JunctionDeparted15:070 On time
Bordesley JunctionDeparted15:003 Early
St Andrews Junction [West Midlands]Departed14:582 Early
Landor Street JunctionDeparted14:551 Early
Landor Street JunctionArrived14:4410 Early
Washwood Heath No 1Departed14:409 Early
Castle Bromwich JunctionDeparted14:336 Early
Water OrtonDeparted14:315 Early
Water OrtonArrived14:306 Early
Kingsbury JunctionDeparted14:238 Early
Tamworth High LevelArrived14:185 Early
Tamworth High LevelDeparted14:176 Early
Wichnor JunctionDeparted14:103 Early
Burton Branston JunctionDeparted14:041 Early
Burton On TrentDeparted13:1619 EarlyTerminated.
Clay Mills JunctionDeparted13:0719 Early
North Stafford JunctionDeparted13:0121 Early
Stenson JunctionDeparted13:0019 Early
Sheet Stores JunctionDeparted12:423 Late
Trent East JunctionDeparted12:392 Late
Toton CentreArrived12:295 Early
Toton JunctionDeparted12:296 Early
Toton CentreDeparted12:286 Early
Trowell JunctionDeparted12:255 Early
Langley MillArrived12:204 Early
Langley Mill 2Departed12:195 Early
Ironville JunctionDeparted12:163 Early
Alfreton & Mansfield ParkwayArrived12:142 Early
Alfreton & Mansfield Parkway 2Departed12:133 Early
Clay Cross North JunctionDeparted12:061 Early
Chesterfield South JunctionDeparted12:022 Early
ChesterfieldGDeparted11:4815 Early
Beighton JunctionDeparted11:389 Early
Aldwarke JunctionDeparted11:271 Early
MexboroughArrived11:203 Early
Mexborough 1Departed11:203 Early
Doncaster Hexthorpe Junction Departed11:122 Early
Bentley JunctionDeparted10:564 Early
Hatfield & StainforthArrived10:472 Early
Hatfield & Stainforth 1Departed10:472 Early
Thorne JunctionDeparted10:432 Early
Crowle 2Departed10:269 Early
CrowleArrived10:2510 Early
ScunthorpeArrived10:149 Early
ScunthorpeDeparted10:149 Early
Scunthorpe Trent Terminal ComplexDeparted10:089 Early