Train 6O36 22:01 Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre to Hoo Junction Up Yard

6O36 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: Hoo Junction (02:20 Off route)

Whitemoor Local Distribution Centre d. 22:01
Whitemoor Junction/Yard GB Railfreight p. 22:07
March p. 22:08½
Ely North Junction p. 22:34
Ely (Cambs) p. 22:38 2
Ely Dock Junction p. 22:39
Cambridge North p. 22:56 1
Coldham Lane Junction p. 23:00
Cambridge p. 23:03
Shepreth Branch Junction p. 23:07½
Foxton p. 23:13½
Royston p. 23:21½ 1
Letchworth Garden City p. 23:34
Hitchin p. 23:37½ 1
Stevenage p. 23:44½ 1
Langley Junction p. 23:47
Hertford North p. 00:01 1
Gordon Hill p. 00:13½ 2
Alexandra Palace
a. 00:23 d. 00:25 1
Finsbury Park p. 00:31 1
Holloway South Junction p. 00:33
Kings Cross Copenhagen (formerly Freight Terminal) Junction p. 00:36
York Way North Junction p. 00:37
Camden Road Central Junction p. 00:43½
Camden Road Junction p. 00:44½
Gospel Oak p. 00:50½ 1
Hampstead Heath p. 00:52½ 1
West Hampstead p. 00:54½ 1
Kensal Green Junction p. 01:00½
Willesden Junction High Level p. 01:01½ 5
Mitre Bridge Junction p. 01:04
North Pole Junction p. 01:05½
Kensington Olympia p. 01:08 3
Latchmere Junction p. 01:15
Longhedge Junction p. 01:18½
Factory Junction p. 01:19½
Voltaire Road Junction p. 01:20½
Denmark Hill p. 01:25½ 2
Crofton Road Junction p. 01:27
Nunhead p. 01:29 2
Lewisham Vale Junction p. 01:33½
Lewisham p. 01:35 2
Parks Bridge Junction p. 01:36½
Hither Green p. 01:38½ 6
Lee p. 01:40½
Sidcup p. 01:48
Crayford p. 01:53
Crayford Spur B p. 01:54
Dartford Junction p. 01:55½
Dartford p. 01:56½ 3
Springhead Junction [CTRL] p. 02:09
Gravesend p. 02:11 2
Hoo Junction Up Yard a. 02:17
Schedule Information
Runs:Monday 17/06/19
Schedule ID: H27248
Sched Created: 11/06/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GB Railfreight ( + seasonal RHTT and SITT)
Service Code: 54761000
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 17/06/19 18:49:25
Trust ID:466O36C817
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 1200
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:DH Civil Engineer
Operational Information:Q Path - Runs only when required - check for activation
Usually operated by a: GBRf 66 or 73
Sighted Allocation: 66732
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Hoo JunctionDeparted02:200 Off routeOff route.
Hoo Junction Up YardArrived02:181 LateTerminated.
GravesendArrived02:132 Late
Gravesend 2Departed02:132 Late
Springhead JunctionDeparted02:090 On time
DartfordArrived02:015 Late
Dartford 4Departed02:004 Late
CrayfordArrived01:574 Late
Crayford 2Departed01:563 Late
SidcupArrived01:513 Late
Sidcup 2Departed01:513 Late
LeeArrived01:444 Late
Lee 2Departed01:444 Late
Hither GreenArrived01:424 Late
Hither Green 6Departed01:424 Late
Parks Bridge JunctionDeparted01:404 Late
LewishamArrived01:383 Late
Lewisham 2Departed01:383 Late
NunheadArrived01:323 Late
Nunhead 2Departed01:323 Late
Peckham Rye (Catford Loop Lines)Arrived01:300 Off routeOff route.
Peckham Rye (Catford Loop Lines)Departed01:300 Off routeOff route.
Crofton Road JunctionDeparted01:292 Late
Denmark Hill 2Departed01:241 Early
Voltaire Road JunctionDeparted01:182 Early
Factory JunctionDeparted01:172 Early
Latchmere JunctionDeparted01:132 Early
Kensington OlympiaArrived01:071 Early
Kensington Olympia 3Departed01:062 Early
North Pole JunctionDeparted01:032 Early
Mitre Bridge JunctionDeparted01:022 Early
Willesden Junction High LevelArrived00:592 Early
Willesden Junction High Level 5Departed00:592 Early
Kensal Green JunctionDeparted00:573 Early
West HampsteadArrived00:504 Early
West HampsteadDeparted00:504 Early
Hampstead HeathArrived00:457 Early
Hampstead HeathDeparted00:448 Early
Gospel OakArrived00:437 Early
Gospel Oak 1Departed00:428 Early
Camden RoadDeparted00:386 Early
Camden RoadArrived00:377 Early
Holloway South JunctionDeparted00:303 Early
Finsbury Park 2Departed00:283 Early
Finsbury ParkArrived00:256 Early
Alexandra Palace 2Arrived00:176 Early
Alexandra Palace 2Departed00:178 Early
Gordon HillDeparted00:085 EarlyTerminated.
Potters BarArrived00:060 Off routeOff route.
Potters BarDeparted00:060 Off routeOff route.
Hertford NorthDeparted23:574 EarlyTerminated.
Welwyn Garden CityArrived23:560 Off routeOff route.
Welwyn Garden CityDeparted23:550 Off routeOff route.
Woolmer Green JunctionDeparted23:500 Off routeOff route.
Langley JunctionDeparted23:443 Early
StevenageArrived23:431 Early
Stevenage 1Departed23:431 Early
HitchinArrived23:361 Early
Hitchin 1Departed23:361 Early
Letchworth Garden CityArrived23:322 Early
Letchworth Garden City 2Departed23:322 Early
RoystonArrived23:210 On time
Royston 1Departed23:201 Early
FoxtonArrived23:121 Early
FoxtonDeparted23:121 Early
Shepreth Branch JunctionDeparted23:061 Early
CambridgeTDeparted23:021 Early
Coldham Lane JunctionDeparted22:519 Early
Cambridge NorthArrived22:488 Early
Cambridge North 1Departed22:488 Early
Ely (Cambs)Arrived22:326 Early
Ely (Cambs) 2Departed22:317 Early
Ely North JunctionDeparted22:286 Early
MarchDeparted22:080 On time
Whitemoor Local Distribution CentreDeparted22:010 On time