6M02 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: CRICKLEWOOD NTH END GBF (01:15 23 Early)

Aylesbury Vale Parkway p. 22:27
Aylesbury North Loop a. 22:33 d. 22:37
Aylesbury a. 22:41 d. 22:41 2
Little Kimble p. 22:49
Princes Risborough p. 22:54½ 2
Saunderton p. 23:00½
High Wycombe p. 23:05½ 3
Gerrards Cross p. 23:19 2
West Ruislip
a. 23:30 d. 23:39 UPL
South Ruislip p. 23:42
Greenford West Junction p. 23:47
Greenford South Junction p. 23:48½
Drayton Green p. 23:55½
West Ealing p. 23:59½ 4
Acton West p. 00:03
Acton Main Line
a. 00:07 d. 00:10 GL
Acton Wells Junction p. 00:13
Acton Canal Wharf p. 00:15
Dudding Hill Junction p. 00:21
Cricklewood Curve Junction p. 00:26
West Hampstead Thameslink
a. 00:30 d. 00:50
Cricklewood South Junction p. 00:53
Cricklewood p. 00:54 2
Cricklewood Up Goods Loop

a. 00:57 d. 01:27
Cricklewood Depot Junction and Depot p. 01:30
a. 01:38
Schedule Information
Runs:Monday 17/06/19
Schedule ID: H26956
Sched Created: 23/05/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GBRf FCC Spoil Varous
Service Code: 51464681
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 17/06/19 19:24:39
Trust ID:706M02C817
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 600
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:B5 Domestic and Industrial Waste
Operational Information:Q Path - Runs only when required - check for activation
Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
Usually operated by a: Class 66 or GBRf 56/60 where permitted
Sighted Allocation: 66757
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CRICKLEWOOD NTH END GBFArrived01:1523 EarlyTerminated.
Cricklewood Up Goods LoopArrived00:570 On time
West Hampstead ThameslinkDeparted00:500 On timeTerminated.
CricklewoodDeparted00:2826 Early
West Hampstead ThameslinkArrived00:273 EarlyTerminated.
Cricklewood Curve JunctionDeparted00:260 On time
Dudding Hill JunctionDeparted00:221 Late
Acton Canal WharfDeparted00:150 On time
Acton Wells JunctionDeparted00:121 Early
Acton WestDeparted00:030 On time
Ealing BroadwayArrived00:020 Off routeOff route.
Ealing BroadwayDeparted00:010 Off routeOff route.
West EalingArrived00:001 Late
West Ealing 4Departed00:001 Late
South RuislipArrived23:393 Early
South RuislipDeparted23:393 Early
West Ruislip 4Departed23:363 Early
West Ruislip 4Arrived23:300 On time
Gerrards CrossArrived23:190 On time
Gerrards CrossDeparted23:190 On time
High WycombeArrived23:041 Early
High Wycombe 3Departed23:041 Early
SaundertonArrived22:591 Early
SaundertonDeparted22:582 Early
Princes RisboroughArrived22:540 On time
Princes Risborough 2Departed22:540 On time
Little KimbleDeparted22:481 Early
Aylesbury 2Departed22:401 Early
Aylesbury 2Arrived22:383 Early
Aylesbury North LoopDeparted22:361 Early
Aylesbury North LoopArrived22:285 Early
Aylesbury Vale ParkwayDeparted22:216 Early
CALVERT GBRFDeparted21:4028 Early