Train 12:13 Garston Freightliner Terminal to Crewe Basford Hall SSM

446K Operated By Freightliner

Latest Report: Crewe Basford Hall Sorting Sidings (13:15 7 Early)

Schedule Information
Runs:Saturday 09/11/19
Schedule ID: H00200
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: Freightliner
Description: Freightliner - Intermodal Trains
Service Code: 54606070
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Activation Status: Activated: 09/11/19 10:13:13
Trust ID:36446KCK09
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1250
Train Type: Electric Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:SB1C gauge. Not to be diverted w/o authority
Usually operated by a: Freightliner - Class 66/70/86/90
Sighted Allocation: 86608
Sighted Allocation: 86638
Sighted Allocation: 86610
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Crewe Basford Hall Sorting SidingsArrived13:157 EarlyTerminated.
Crewe Salop Goods JunctionDeparted13:107 Early
Crewe Coal YardDeparted13:057 Early
WinsfordArrived12:572 Early
WinsfordDeparted12:563 Early
Hartford JunctionDeparted12:522 Early
Acton BridgeArrived12:511 Early
Acton BridgeDeparted12:511 Early
Weaver JunctionDeparted12:483 Early
Halton JunctionDeparted12:382 Late
RuncornArrived12:372 Late
Runcorn 1Departed12:361 Late
Garston Church RoadDeparted12:193 Late
Garston Freightliner TerminalDeparted12:121 Early