Train 10:01 Wolverton Centre Sidings to Newton Heath Traction Maintenance Depot

528B Operated By ROG

Latest Report: Newton Heath Junction (15:09 10 Early)

Wolverton Centre Sidings d. 10:01
Wolverton p. 10:05
Hanslope Junction p. 10:10
Northampton a. 10:20 d. 10:22 2
Long Buckby p. 10:37
Daventry North Junction p. 10:44
Hillmorton Junction p. 10:48
Rugby p. 10:51 2
Rugby Trent Valley Junction p. 10:52½
Brinklow p. 10:59½
Attleborough South Junction p. 11:05
Nuneaton p. 11:06½ 2
Amington Junction p. 11:21
Lichfield North Junction Low Level p. 11:27½
Rugeley North Junction p. 11:39½
Colwich p. 11:44
Milford And Brocton p. 11:46
Stafford Trent Valley Junction p. 11:56½
Stafford a. 11:58½ d. 12:05½ 6
Madeley (Staffs) p. 12:23
Crewe Basford Hall Junction p. 12:33
Crewe p. 12:36 DFL
Crewe Sydney Bridge p. 12:38½
Sandbach p. 12:44½ 2
Chelford Loop a. 12:54½ d. 14:01½
Alderley Edge p. 14:06½
Wilmslow p. 14:09 3
Cheadle Hulme p. 14:17½ 1
Adswood Road Junction p. 14:18½
Stockport Edgeley Junction No 1 p. 14:20
Stockport p. 14:21 3
Heaton Norris Junction p. 14:23
Ash Bridge Junction p. 14:24
Denton Station Junction p. 14:28
Denton Junction p. 14:29½
Ashton Moss North Junction a. 14:37 d. 14:48
Baguley Fold Junction p. 14:52
Philips Park West (No 1) Junction p. 14:53
Brewery Junction p. 14:55½ DPL
Thorpes Bridge Junction a. 14:59½ d. 15:16
Newton Heath Traction Maintenance Depot a. 15:19
Schedule Information
Runs:Saturday 09/11/19
Schedule ID: K00344
Sched Created: 08/11/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: ROG
Description: Rail Operations Group
Service Code: 56661501
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 09/11/19 08:01:23
Trust ID:70528B1G09
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: S
Train Type: Diesel Mechanical Multiple Unit
Train category:
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: ROG - Class 37/47/57
Sighted Allocation: 156421
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Newton Heath JunctionArrived15:0910 EarlyTerminated.
Thorpes Bridge JunctionDeparted15:079 Early
Brewery JunctionDeparted15:038 Late
Philips Park West (No 1) JunctionDeparted14:574 Late
Ashton Moss North JunctionDeparted14:524 Late
Denton JunctionDeparted14:345 Late
Ash Bridge JunctionDeparted14:284 Late
Heaton Norris JunctionDeparted14:274 Late
StockportArrived14:254 Late
Stockport 3Departed14:254 Late
Stockport Edgeley Junction No 1Departed14:233 Late
Adswood Road JunctionDeparted14:213 Late
Cheadle HulmeDeparted14:192 Late
Cheadle HulmeArrived14:098 Early
WilmslowArrived14:045 Early
Alderley EdgeArrived14:033 Early
Wilmslow 3Departed14:036 Early
Alderley Edge 2Departed14:024 Early
Chelford LoopDeparted13:583 Early
Chelford LoopArrived12:522 Early
SandbachArrived12:431 Early
Sandbach 2Departed12:422 Early
Crewe Sydney BridgeDeparted12:391 Late
CreweArrived12:382 Late
CreweDDeparted12:371 Late
Crewe Basford Hall JunctionDeparted12:258 Early
Madeley (Staffs)Departed12:203 Early
SEARCHLIGHT LANE JNDeparted12:110 On time
StaffordDeparted12:050 On time
StaffordArrived11:535 Early
Stafford Trent Valley JunctionDeparted11:506 Early
Milford And BroctonDeparted11:388 Early
ColwichDeparted11:368 Early
Rugeley North JunctionDeparted11:345 Early
Lichfield North Junction Low LevelDeparted11:281 Late
Amington JunctionDeparted11:210 On time
NuneatonArrived11:126 Late
Nuneaton 2Departed11:115 Late
Attleborough South JunctionDeparted11:105 Late
BrinklowDeparted11:034 Late
RugbyArrived11:009 Late
Rugby Trent Valley JunctionDeparted11:008 Late
RugbyFDeparted10:598 Late
Hillmorton JunctionDeparted10:5810 Late
Daventry North JunctionDeparted10:5511 Late
Long BuckbyArrived10:5114 Late
Long BuckbyDeparted10:5013 Late
Northampton 2Departed10:3513 Late
Northampton 2Arrived10:155 Early
Hanslope JunctionFDeparted10:055 Early
Wolverton 3Departed10:014 Early
WolvertonArrived10:005 Early
Wolverton Centre SidingsDeparted09:574 Early