Train 10:29 Ditton Foundry Lane AHC English Welsh & Scottish Railway to Dollands Moor Sidings

682V Operated By DB Cargo

Latest Report: Dollands Moor Sidings (19:55 88 Early)

Ditton Foundry Lane AHC English Welsh & Scottish Railway d. 10:29
Ditton Reception Sidings a. 10:34 d. 10:36
Ditton West Junction p. 10:38
Speke Junction p. 10:44
Garston Speke Terminal Complex
a. 10:49 d. 11:09
Speke Junction [2] p. 11:14
Ditton West Junction [2] p. 11:20
Ditton Reception Sidings [2] a. 11:22 d. 11:23
Ditton (later Ditton East Junction) p. 11:25
Runcorn p. 11:29 1
Halton Junction p. 11:31
Weaver Junction p. 11:38½
Acton Bridge p. 11:40½
Hartford Junction p. 11:42½
Winsford p. 11:49
Crewe Coal Yard p. 12:00
Crewe Salop Goods Junction a. 12:06 d. 12:11
Crewe Basford Hall SSM p. 12:15
Crewe Basford Hall Junction a. 12:16 d. 12:27½
Madeley (Staffs) p. 12:36½
Stafford p. 12:55½ 4
Stafford Trent Valley Junction p. 12:56½
Whitehouse Junction p. 13:02½
Colwich p. 13:08
Rugeley North Junction p. 13:12
Lichfield North Junction Low Level p. 13:20
Amington Junction p. 13:28½
Nuneaton p. 13:41½ 5
Rugby Trent Valley Junction p. 13:57½

a. 14:00½ d. 15:42
Hillmorton Junction p. 15:47
Daventry North Junction p. 15:51
Long Buckby p. 15:58
Northampton p. 16:09 UML
Hanslope Junction p. 16:23
Milton Keynes Central p. 16:30 1
Bletchley p. 16:34 4
Ledburn Junction p. 16:44
Tring p. 16:52 5
Bourne End Junction p. 16:58
Watford Junction p. 17:07 9
Harrow & Wealdstone p. 17:13
Wembley Central p. 17:20 6
Wembley European Freight Operations Centre

a. 17:25 d. 18:53
Willesden Brent South Junction/Wembley Yard South p. 18:59½
Willesden Signal WN7 p. 19:02½
Willesden West London Junction p. 19:05½
Mitre Bridge Junction p. 19:10½
North Pole Junction p. 19:13½
Kensington Olympia p. 19:17½ 3
Latchmere Junction p. 19:25
Longhedge Junction p. 19:26½
Factory Junction p. 19:29
Voltaire Road Junction p. 19:30
Denmark Hill p. 19:35 2
Crofton Road Junction p. 19:36½
Nunhead p. 19:39 2
Bellingham p. 19:46½
Shortlands Junction p. 19:54½
Bromley South p. 19:59 2
Bickley Junction p. 20:03
St Mary Cray Junction p. 20:04
Swanley p. 20:10½ 2
Otford Junction p. 20:22
Maidstone East p. 20:41½ 2
Charing p. 20:58
Ashford (Kent) p. 21:08 DML
Saltwood Junction p. 21:20
Dollands Moor Sidings a. 21:23

Change en route at Wembley European Freight Operations Centre

UIC code46455
Signalling ID6O16
Train categoryH4Channel Tunnel Contract Services
TOC Headcode46455
Train service code57610316
Power typeD Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load1495
Operating CharacteristicsQYRuns as required
Runs to Terminals/Yards as required
Seating Class 
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Schedule Information
Runs:Saturday 09/11/19
Schedule ID: R47056
Sched Created: 07/11/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: DB Cargo
Description: DBC UK: Ditton - Dollands Moor - Neuss
Service Code: 57610316
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 09/11/19 08:38:51
Trust ID:36682V1G09
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 1800
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:Q Path - Runs only when required - check for activation
Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
Usually operated by a: DB Class 66
Sighted Allocation: 66174
Update Allocations Add Allocations
Alerts Get Notified!
Dollands Moor SidingsArrived19:5588 EarlyTerminated.
Saltwood JunctionDeparted19:5288 Early
Ashford (Kent) 6Departed19:3791 Early
CharingArrived19:2890 Early
Charing 2Departed19:2791 Early
Maidstone EastArrived19:0695 Early
Maidstone East 2Departed19:0596 Early
Otford JunctionDeparted18:39103 Early
Swanley 2Departed18:27103 Early
SwanleyArrived18:26104 Early
St Mary Cray JunctionDeparted18:20104 Early
Bickley JunctionDeparted18:18105 Early
Bromley SouthArrived18:15104 Early
Bromley SouthDeparted18:15104 Early
Shortlands JunctionDeparted18:13101 Early
BellinghamArrived18:0898 Early
BellinghamDeparted18:0898 Early
NunheadArrived18:0099 Early
Nunhead 2Departed18:0099 Early
Peckham Rye (Catford Loop Lines)Arrived17:590 Off routeOff route.
Peckham Rye (Catford Loop Lines)Departed17:580 Off routeOff route.
Crofton Road JunctionDeparted17:5898 Early
Denmark Hill 2Departed17:5798 Early
Voltaire Road JunctionDeparted17:50100 Early
Factory JunctionDeparted17:45104 Early
Latchmere JunctionDeparted17:42103 Early
Kensington OlympiaArrived17:33104 Early
Kensington Olympia 3Departed17:33104 Early
North Pole JunctionDeparted17:29104 Early
Mitre Bridge JunctionDeparted17:26104 Early
North Pole JunctionArrived17:26107 Early
Willesden West London JunctionDeparted17:24101 Early
Wembley European Freight Operations CentreDeparted17:1796 Early
Wembley European Freight Operations CentreArrived17:1510 Early
Wembley Central 6Departed17:137 Early
Wembley CentralArrived17:119 Early
Harrow & WealdstoneArrived17:058 Early
Harrow & Wealdstone 6Departed17:058 Early
Watford JunctionArrived16:5710 Early
Watford JunctionDeparted16:5611 Early
Bourne End JunctionDeparted16:4612 Early
TringArrived16:3913 Early
Tring 5Departed16:3814 Early
Ledburn JunctionSDeparted16:3212 Early
BletchleyArrived16:2212 Early
Bletchley 4Departed16:2113 Early
Milton Keynes Central 1Departed16:1515 Early
Milton Keynes CentralArrived16:0723 Early
Hanslope JunctionNDeparted15:5924 Early
NorthamptonArrived15:4623 Early
NorthamptonMDeparted15:4524 Early
Long BuckbyArrived15:3127 Early
Long BuckbyDeparted15:3127 Early
Daventry North JunctionDeparted15:2427 Early
Hillmorton JunctionDeparted15:1928 Early
Rugby 6Departed15:1725 Early
RugbyArrived14:3636 Late
Rugby Trent Valley JunctionDeparted14:3336 Late
NuneatonArrived14:1837 Late
Nuneaton 5Departed14:1736 Late
Amington JunctionDeparted14:0537 Late
Lichfield North Junction Low LevelSDeparted13:5737 Late
Rugeley North JunctionDeparted13:4937 Late
ColwichDeparted13:4638 Late
StaffordArrived13:3843 Late
StaffordDeparted13:3843 Late
LITTLE BRIDGEFORD JNDeparted13:3040 Late
Madeley (Staffs)Departed13:1741 Late
Crewe Basford Hall JunctionDeparted13:0740 Late
Crewe Salop Goods JunctionDeparted12:4736 Late
Crewe Salop Goods JunctionArrived12:4438 Late
Crewe Coal YardDeparted12:4040 Late
WinsfordArrived12:3142 Late
WinsfordDeparted12:3041 Late
Hartford JunctionDeparted12:2442 Late
Acton BridgeArrived12:2343 Late
Acton BridgeDeparted12:2343 Late
Weaver JunctionDeparted12:2042 Late
Halton JunctionDeparted12:1443 Late
RuncornArrived12:1243 Late
Runcorn 1Departed12:1142 Late
Garston Speke Terminal ComplexDeparted11:5344 Late
Garston Speke Terminal ComplexArrived11:2334 Late
Speke JunctionDeparted11:1834 Late
Ditton Foundry Lane AHC English Welsh & Scottish RailwayDeparted11:0233 Late