Train 11:18 Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal Reception RfD to Grangemouth TDG English Welsh & Scottish Railway

413K Operated By DB Cargo

Latest Report: Grangemouth TDG English Welsh & Scottish Railway (22:20 5 Early)

Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal Reception RfD d. 11:18
Daventry North Junction p. 11:22
Hillmorton Junction p. 11:25½
Rugby p. 11:27½ 2
Rugby Trent Valley Junction p. 11:29
Brinklow p. 11:35½
Attleborough South Junction p. 11:42½
Nuneaton p. 11:44 2
Amington Junction p. 11:55½
Lichfield North Junction Low Level p. 12:04½
Rugeley North Junction p. 12:11½
Colwich p. 12:21
Milford And Brocton p. 12:23½
Stafford Trent Valley Junction p. 12:30
Stafford p. 12:32½ 5
Madeley (Staffs) p. 12:56
Crewe Basford Hall Junction p. 13:05
Crewe Basford Hall SSM p. 13:09½
Crewe Sorting Sidings North p. 13:12½
Crewe Salop Goods Junction p. 13:14½
Crewe Coal Yard p. 13:19½
Winsford p. 13:31
Hartford Junction p. 13:35½
Acton Bridge p. 13:37
Weaver Junction p. 13:39½
Acton Grange Junction p. 13:44½
Warrington Bank Quay
a. 13:47 d. 13:49 3
Dallam Junction p. 13:51
Winwick Junction p. 13:53½
Golborne Junction p. 13:56
Springs Branch Junction p. 14:00½
Wigan South Junction p. 14:01½
Wigan North Western p. 14:02 5
Balshaw Lane p. 14:11
Euxton Junction p. 14:15
Farington Curve Junction p. 14:21
Preston Skew Bridge p. 14:22½
Preston Ribble Junction p. 14:25
Preston a. 14:27 d. 14:29½ DGL
Preston Fylde Junction p. 14:31
Barton & Broughton Passenger Loop
a. 14:39½ d. 15:12
Garstang & Catteral p. 15:19
Lancaster p. 15:30 DFL
Morecambe South Junction p. 15:32
Carnforth North Junction p. 15:35½
Oxenholme Lake District p. 15:50 2
a. 16:12½ d. 16:48
Penrith p. 17:15½ 2
a. 17:33½ d. 17:35½ 3
Carlisle Caldew Junction p. 17:37½
Carlisle New Yard
a. 17:51½ d. 18:11
Floriston p. 18:26
Gretna Junction p. 18:30½
Kirkpatrick Signal MC863 p. 18:35½
Lockerbie p. 18:50 1
Beattock a. 19:05½ d. 19:45½ DPL
Beattock Summit a. 20:12½ d. 20:34½ DPL
Abington p. 20:43½ DM
Carstairs South Junction p. 20:56
Carstairs p. 20:56½ DPL
Lanark Junction p. 21:01
Law Junction p. 21:08½
Wishaw p. 21:11
Holytown Junction p. 21:22
Mossend East Junction p. 21:28
Mossend North Junction p. 21:30½
Mossend Yard a. 21:32 d. 21:34
Whifflet South Junction p. 21:38
Coatbridge Central p. 21:39½ 1
Gartsherrie South Junction p. 21:41
Garnqueen North Junction p. 21:42½
Cumbernauld p. 21:47 2
Greenhill Lower Junction p. 21:52½
Carmuirs West Junction p. 21:56
Carmuirs East Junction p. 21:59
Grangemouth Junction p. 22:05
Fouldubs Junction p. 22:15½
Grangemouth Run Round
a. 22:17½ d. 22:19½
Grangemouth TDG English Welsh & Scottish Railway
a. 22:25
Schedule Information
Runs:Saturday 09/11/19
Schedule ID: H18971
Sched Created: 06/11/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: DB Cargo
Description: DBC UK: UK Intermodal Daventry - Grangemouth
Service Code: 52407548
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 09/11/19 04:54:36
Trust ID:70413KCI09
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1235
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: DB Cargo - Class 66
Sighted Allocation: 66124
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Grangemouth TDG English Welsh & Scottish RailwayArrived22:205 EarlyTerminated.
Grangemouth JunctionDeparted22:050 On time
Falkirk GrahamstonDeparted22:040 Off routeOff route.
Falkirk GrahamstonArrived22:030 Off routeOff route.
Carmuirs East JunctionDeparted21:581 Early
Carmuirs West JunctionDeparted21:551 Early
Greenhill Junction Signal GJ427Departed21:466 Early
CumbernauldArrived21:407 Early
CumbernauldDeparted21:398 Early
Garnqueen North JunctionDeparted21:2913 Early
Gartsherrie South JunctionDeparted21:1922 Early
Coatbridge CentralArrived21:1722 Early
Coatbridge CentralDeparted21:1722 Early
WhiffletArrived21:160 Off routeOff route.
WhiffletDeparted21:160 Off routeOff route.
Whifflet South JunctionDeparted21:1622 Early
MOSSEND NORTH EXITDeparted21:1224 Early
Mossend North JunctionDeparted20:1179 Early
Mossend East JunctionDeparted20:0979 Early
Holytown JunctionDeparted20:0775 Early
Wishaw 1Departed20:0170 Early
WishawArrived19:5873 Early
Law JunctionArrived19:5474 Early
Law JunctionDeparted19:5474 Early
Lanark JunctionDeparted19:4576 Early
CarstairsDeparted19:4175 Early
CarstairsArrived19:2690 Early
Carstairs South JunctionDeparted19:2591 Early
AbingtonDeparted19:0994 Early
AbingtonArrived19:00103 Early
Beattock SummitDeparted18:52102 Early
Beattock SummitArrived18:5082 Early
BeattockDeparted18:3273 Early
LockerbieArrived18:1931 Early
LockerbieDeparted18:1832 Early
Gretna JunctionDeparted17:5733 Early
Carlisle Signal CE465Departed17:480 Off routeOff route.
Carlisle Caldew JunctionDeparted17:361 Early
Carlisle 3Departed17:332 Early
Carlisle 3Arrived17:312 Early
PenrithDeparted17:105 Early
PenrithArrived16:3837 Early
TebayDeparted16:1137 Early
Oxenholme Lake DistrictArrived15:555 Late
Oxenholme Lake District 2Departed15:544 Late
Carnforth North JunctionDeparted15:427 Late
LancasterArrived15:388 Late
Morecambe South JunctionDeparted15:386 Late
LancasterDeparted15:366 Late
Garstang & CatteralDeparted15:267 Late
Preston 3Departed14:236 Early
Preston 3Arrived14:198 Early
Farington Curve JunctionDeparted14:165 Early
Euxton JunctionDeparted14:132 Early
Balshaw LaneDeparted14:110 On time
Wigan North WesternArrived14:031 Late
Wigan North Western 5Departed14:020 On time
Springs Branch JunctionDeparted14:011 Late
Golborne JunctionDeparted13:560 On time
Winwick JunctionDeparted13:530 On time
Dallam JunctionDeparted13:492 Early
Warrington Bank QuayDeparted13:472 Early
Warrington Bank Quay 3Arrived13:452 Early
Acton Grange JunctionDeparted13:422 Early
Weaver JunctionDeparted13:354 Early
Acton BridgeArrived13:343 Early
Acton BridgeDeparted13:334 Early
Hartford JunctionDeparted13:323 Early
WinsfordArrived13:274 Early
WinsfordDeparted13:274 Early
Crewe Coal YardDeparted13:0910 Early
Crewe Salop Goods JunctionDeparted13:0311 Early
Crewe Basford Hall JunctionDeparted12:5510 Early
Madeley (Staffs)Departed12:488 Early
SEARCHLIGHT LANE JNDeparted12:380 On time
StaffordArrived12:320 On time
StaffordDeparted12:320 On time
Stafford Trent Valley JunctionDeparted12:300 On time
Milford And BroctonDeparted12:194 Early
ColwichDeparted12:165 Early
Rugeley North JunctionDeparted12:143 Late
Lichfield North Junction Low LevelDeparted12:084 Late
Amington JunctionDeparted12:016 Late
NuneatonArrived11:495 Late
Nuneaton 2Departed11:495 Late
Attleborough South JunctionDeparted11:475 Late
BrinklowDeparted11:405 Late
Rugby Trent Valley JunctionDeparted11:345 Late
RugbyArrived11:336 Late
Rugby 2Departed11:336 Late
Hillmorton JunctionDeparted11:305 Late
Daventry North JunctionDeparted11:253 Late
Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal Reception RfDDeparted11:180 On time