Train 4L02 03:50 Hams Hall GB Railfreight to Felixstowe North GB Railfreight

4L02 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: Felixstowe North GB Railfreight (12:17 1 Early)

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Hams Hall GB Railfreight d. 03:50
Whitacre Junction p. 03:56
Nuneaton Abbey Junction p. 04:18
Nuneaton p. 04:20 7
Hinckley (Leics) p. 04:27
Croft p. 04:34
Wigston North Junction p. 04:43
Leicester p. 04:49 2
Syston South Junction p. 04:57½
Syston East Junction p. 04:58
Melton Frisby p. 05:05½
Melton Mowbray p. 05:09½
Melton Mowbray Whissendine Level Crossing p. 05:17½
Oakham Ashwell Level Crossing p. 05:20
Langham Junction p. 05:22
Oakham a. 05:24½ d. 05:26½
Manton Junction p. 05:32
Manton Luffenham p. 05:35½
Ketton Signal Box p. 05:37½
Stamford Uffington Signal Box p. 05:43½
Helpston Junction p. 05:49
New England North Junction p. 05:55
Peterborough Virtual Quarry GB Railfreight
a. 05:58 d. 08:25
Peterborough Eastfield Junction p. 08:27
Peterborough p. 08:29½ 5
Peterborough East Junction p. 08:31
Whittlesea p. 08:40½
March West Junction p. 08:52½
March p. 08:53
Ely North Junction p. 09:16½
Ely Up Goods Loop p. 09:23½
Ely Dock Junction p. 09:25
Soham p. 09:31
Chippenham Junction p. 09:39
Kennett p. 09:42½
Bury St Edmunds p. 10:01 2
Haughley Junction a. 10:22 d. 10:32
Stowmarket p. 10:39 1
IPSWICH SIGNAL CO352 a. 10:51 d. 11:40½
Westerfield p. 11:52½
Derby Road p. 11:57
Trimley p. 12:08½
Felixstowe North GB Railfreight a. 12:18
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 18/06/19
Schedule ID: H26170
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: Containers : Felixstowe - Hams Hall
Service Code: 55460181
Real Headcode: 4L02
Activation Status: Activated: 17/06/19 21:43:49
Trust ID:664L02C318
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1600
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:J8 RfD General Merchandise (UK Contracts)
Operational Information:Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
SB1C gauge. Not to be diverted w/o authority
Usually operated by a: Class 66
Sighted Allocation: 66722
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Felixstowe North GB RailfreightArrived12:171 EarlyTerminated.
Trimley 1Departed12:071 Early
TrimleyArrived12:062 Early
Derby RoadArrived11:543 Early
Derby Road 2Departed11:543 Early
Westerfield 1Departed11:502 Early
WesterfieldArrived11:484 Early
IPSWICH SIGNAL CO352Departed11:382 Early
IPSWICH SIGNAL CO352Arrived10:483 Early
StowmarketArrived10:363 Early
StowmarketDeparted10:363 Early
Haughley JunctionDeparted10:302 Early
Bury St EdmundsDeparted09:583 Early
Chippenham JunctionDeparted09:412 Late
SohamDeparted09:332 Late
Ely Up Goods LoopGDeparted09:263 Late
Ely (Cambs)Arrived09:240 Off routeOff route.
Ely Up Goods LoopArrived09:241 Late
Ely North JunctionDeparted09:151 Early
MarchDeparted08:494 Early
WhittleseaDeparted08:400 On time
Peterborough East JunctionDeparted08:310 On time
PeterboroughArrived08:290 On time
Peterborough 5Departed08:281 Early
Peterborough Virtual Quarry GB RailfreightDeparted08:241 Early
Peterborough Virtual Quarry GB RailfreightArrived05:526 Early
Peterborough Virtual Quarry GB RailfreightArrived05:526 EarlyCorrection.
Helpston JunctionDeparted05:436 Early
Stamford Uffington Signal BoxDeparted05:403 Early
Ketton Signal BoxDeparted05:334 Early
Manton JunctionDeparted05:275 Early
OakhamDeparted05:233 Early
Langham JunctionDeparted05:220 On time
Melton Mowbray Whissendine Level CrossingDeparted05:170 On time
Melton MowbrayDeparted05:090 On time
Melton FrisbyDeparted05:050 On time
Syston East JunctionDeparted04:571 Early
Syston South JunctionDeparted04:561 Early
LeicesterDeparted04:472 Early
LeicesterArrived04:463 Early
Wigston North JunctionDeparted04:412 Early
CroftDeparted04:351 Late
Hinckley (Leics) 1Departed04:292 Late
Hinckley (Leics)Arrived04:281 Late
NuneatonArrived04:222 Late
Nuneaton 7Departed04:222 Late
Nuneaton Abbey JunctionDeparted04:213 Late
Whitacre JunctionDeparted03:593 Late
Hams Hall GB RailfreightDeparted03:500 On time