Train 06:04 Crewe Basford Hall SSM to Felixstowe North Freighliner Terminal

458H Operated By Freightliner

Latest Report: Felixstowe North Freighliner Terminal (14:17 1 Early)

Crewe Basford Hall SSM d. 06:04
Crewe Basford Hall Junction p. 06:11½
Madeley (Staffs) p. 06:20½
Stafford p. 06:36½ 4
Stafford Trent Valley Junction p. 06:37½
Whitehouse Junction p. 06:41½
Colwich p. 06:46½
Rugeley North Junction p. 06:52
Lichfield North Junction Low Level p. 07:02
Amington Junction p. 07:09
Nuneaton p. 07:19½ 5
Rugby Trent Valley Junction p. 07:31
Rugby a. 07:34 d. 07:36 6
Hillmorton Junction p. 07:40
Daventry North Junction p. 07:43½
Long Buckby p. 07:49½
Northampton Mill Lane Junction p. 08:01½
Northampton Up Reception a. 08:04½ d. 08:21½
Northampton North Junction p. 08:24½
Northampton p. 08:27½ 1
Hanslope Junction p. 08:41
Milton Keynes Central p. 08:50½ 2
Bletchley p. 08:55½ 4
Ledburn Junction p. 09:05½
Tring p. 09:14 5
Bourne End Junction p. 09:21
Watford Junction p. 09:32 9
Harrow & Wealdstone p. 09:39½ 6
Wembley Central p. 09:43 6
Willesden Signal WN34 a. 09:48 d. 09:53½
Willesden Sudbury Junction (formerly Brent Junction) p. 09:55½
Willesden Brent 1 Down Through Siding Signals 781/783 & 756/758 a. 10:01 d. 10:32
Harlesden Junction p. 10:37
Willesden West London Junction p. 10:39
Camden Junction p. 10:44
Camden Road Junction a. 10:48 d. 11:00½
Camden Road East Junction p. 11:03
Westbourne Road Junction p. 11:07
Canonbury West Junction p. 11:09
Navarino Road Junction p. 11:13
Lea Junction p. 11:19½
Channelsea Junction p. 11:20½
Stratford p. 11:23½ 10A
Stratford Signal L295 a. 11:24½ d. 11:27
Maryland p. 11:28½ 4
Forest Gate Junction p. 11:31½
Ilford p. 11:33½ 2
Gidea Park p. 11:39½ 2
Shenfield p. 11:47½ 3
Chelmsford p. 11:55½ 2
Witham (Essex) p. 12:06 3
Marks Tey p. 12:13 2
Colchester p. 12:19 2
Manningtree p. 12:26 3
Ipswich Halifax Junction p. 12:35
Ipswich p. 12:37 3
Ipswich Storage Sidings
a. 12:39 d. 13:08
Ipswich East Suffolk Junction p. 13:10½
Westerfield p. 13:17
Derby Road a. 13:22 d. 13:57
Trimley p. 14:08½
Felixstowe North Freighliner Terminal a. 14:18

Change en route at Ipswich Storage Sidings

UIC code
Signalling ID4L41
Train categoryJ9RfD Freightliner (Contracts)
TOC Headcode
Train service code54606070
Power typeD Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load1235
Operating CharacteristicsZSB1C gauge. Not to be diverted w/o authority
Seating Class 
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 11/09/19
Schedule ID: H00226
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: Freightliner
Description: Freightliner - Intermodal Trains
Service Code: 54606070
Real Headcode: 4L41
Activation Status: Activated: 11/09/19 00:47:50
Trust ID:42466EC611
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1250
Train Type: Electric Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:SB1C gauge. Not to be diverted w/o authority
Usually operated by a: Freightliner - Class 66 / 70 / 86 / 90
Sighted Allocation: 86627
Sighted Allocation: 86632
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Felixstowe North Freighliner TerminalArrived14:171 EarlyTerminated.
FELIXSTOWE SIGNAL NQ2Departed14:030 Off routeOff route.
TrimleyDeparted13:5810 Early
Derby Road 2Departed13:489 Early
Derby Road 2Arrived13:193 Early
Westerfield 1Departed13:143 Early
WesterfieldArrived13:134 Early
Colchester Signal CO822Departed13:082 Early
Ipswich Storage SidingsDeparted13:062 Early
Ipswich Storage SidingsArrived12:390 On time
IpswichArrived12:370 On time
Ipswich 3Departed12:370 On time
Ipswich Halifax JunctionDeparted12:341 Early
ManningtreeArrived12:271 Late
Manningtree 1Departed12:260 On time
ColchesterArrived12:190 On time
Colchester 2Departed12:190 On time
Marks TeyArrived12:141 Late
Marks TeyDeparted12:141 Late
Witham (Essex)Arrived12:071 Late
Witham (Essex)Departed12:060 On time
ChelmsfordArrived11:594 Late
Chelmsford 2Departed11:583 Late
ShenfieldArrived11:461 Early
ShenfieldDeparted11:452 Early
Gidea Park 2Departed11:390 On time
Gidea ParkArrived11:381 Early
RomfordArrived11:370 Off routeOff route.
RomfordDeparted11:360 Off routeOff route.
IlfordArrived11:321 Early
IlfordDeparted11:321 Early
Forest Gate JunctionDeparted11:301 Early
MarylandDeparted11:280 On time
StratfordDeparted11:252 Late
StratfordArrived11:241 Late
Lea JunctionDeparted11:212 Late
Navarino Road JunctionDeparted11:141 Late
Canonbury West JunctionDeparted11:090 On time
Camden Road East JunctionDeparted11:052 Late
Camden RoadDeparted11:044 Late
Camden RoadArrived11:0315 Late
Camden RoadArrived10:462 EarlyCorrection.
Camden JunctionNDeparted10:431 Early
Willesden West London JunctionDeparted10:363 Early
Harlesden JunctionDeparted10:334 Early
Willesden Sudbury Junction (formerly Brent Junction)WDeparted09:523 Early
Wembley Central 6Departed09:485 Late
Wembley CentralArrived09:474 Late
Harrow & WealdstoneArrived09:423 Late
Harrow & Wealdstone 6Departed09:412 Late
Watford JunctionArrived09:311 Early
Watford JunctionDeparted09:311 Early
Bourne End JunctionDeparted09:147 Early
TringArrived09:077 Early
Tring 5Departed09:068 Early
Ledburn JunctionSDeparted09:005 Early
BletchleyArrived08:505 Early
Bletchley 4Departed08:496 Early
Milton Keynes CentralArrived08:464 Early
Milton Keynes Central 1Departed08:464 Early
Hanslope JunctionNDeparted08:401 Early
NorthamptonArrived08:281 Late
NorthamptonMDeparted08:281 Late
Northampton Mill Lane JunctionDeparted07:565 Early
Long BuckbyArrived07:454 Early
Long BuckbyDeparted07:445 Early
Daventry North JunctionDeparted07:403 Early
Daventry North JunctionDeparted07:403 Early
Hillmorton JunctionDeparted07:373 Early
Rugby 5Arrived07:351 Late
Rugby 5Departed07:351 Early
Rugby Trent Valley JunctionDeparted07:332 Late
NuneatonArrived07:154 Early
Nuneaton 5Departed07:145 Early
Amington JunctionDeparted07:045 Early
Lichfield North Junction Low LevelSDeparted06:575 Early
Rugeley North JunctionDeparted06:493 Early
ColwichDeparted06:471 Late
Whitehouse JunctionDeparted06:432 Late
Stafford Trent Valley JunctionDeparted06:392 Late
StaffordArrived06:382 Late
StaffordDeparted06:382 Late
Madeley (Staffs)Departed06:222 Late
Crewe Basford Hall JunctionDeparted06:110 On time
Crewe Basford Hall Sorting SidingsDeparted06:040 On time