Train 4M23 10:46 Felixstowe North GB Railfreight to Hams Hall GB Railfreight

4M23 Operated By GBRf

Latest Report: Hams Hall GB Railfreight (16:15 4 Early)

Felixstowe North GB Railfreight d. 10:46
Trimley p. 10:55
Derby Road
a. 11:07½ d. 11:12½
Westerfield p. 11:17½
Ipswich East Suffolk Junction p. 11:23
a. 11:27½ d. 11:29½ 2
Ipswich Halifax Junction p. 11:32½
Manningtree p. 11:44½ 2
Colchester p. 11:53½ 3
Marks Tey p. 11:58½ 1
Witham Up Loop p. 12:07½
Witham (Essex) a. 12:09 d. 12:19 1
Chelmsford p. 12:30½ 1
Shenfield p. 12:41½ 2
Gidea Park p. 12:48 1
Ilford p. 12:53 1
Forest Gate Junction p. 12:54½
Stratford p. 12:59 10
Channelsea Junction p. 13:03
Lea Junction a. 13:04½ d. 13:05½
Navarino Road Junction p. 13:12½
Canonbury West Junction p. 13:16
Westbourne Road Junction p. 13:19
Camden Road East Junction p. 13:22½
Camden Road Junction p. 13:24
Camden Junction p. 13:31
Willesden West London Junction p. 13:36½
Harlesden Junction p. 13:39½
Willesden Brent 1 Down Through Siding Signals 781/783 & 756/758 a. 13:44½ d. 13:50
Willesden Sudbury Junction (formerly Brent Junction) p. 13:52
Wembley Central p. 13:55½ 5
Harrow & Wealdstone p. 13:59 5
Watford Junction p. 14:05½ 8
Bourne End Junction p. 14:14
Tring p. 14:23 3
Ledburn Junction p. 14:28½
Bletchley p. 14:36½ 3
Milton Keynes Central p. 14:40½ 3
Hanslope Junction p. 14:51
Northampton p. 15:02 2
Long Buckby p. 15:21½
Daventry North Junction p. 15:27½
Hillmorton Junction p. 15:31
Rugby p. 15:33 2
Rugby Trent Valley Junction p. 15:34½
Brinklow p. 15:41
Attleborough South Junction p. 15:48
Nuneaton p. 15:51½ 2
Nuneaton Abbey Junction p. 15:55
Whitacre Junction p. 16:15
Hams Hall GB Railfreight a. 16:19
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 18/06/19
Schedule ID: H26454
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: Containers : Felixstowe - Hams Hall
Service Code: 55460181
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 18/06/19 06:39:33
Trust ID:494M23CH18
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1235
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:J8 RfD General Merchandise (UK Contracts)
Operational Information:Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
SB1C gauge. Not to be diverted w/o authority
Usually operated by a: Class 66
Sighted Allocation: 66748
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Hams Hall GB RailfreightArrived16:154 EarlyTerminated.
Whitacre JunctionDeparted16:114 Early
Nuneaton Abbey JunctionDeparted15:514 Early
Nuneaton 2Departed15:483 Early
NuneatonArrived15:465 Early
Attleborough South JunctionDeparted15:435 Early
BrinklowDeparted15:365 Early
Rugby Trent Valley JunctionDeparted15:313 Early
RugbyArrived15:303 Early
Rugby 2Departed15:303 Early
Hillmorton JunctionDeparted15:283 Early
Daventry North JunctionDeparted15:252 Early
Long BuckbyArrived15:192 Early
Long BuckbyDeparted15:192 Early
NorthamptonArrived14:593 Early
Northampton 2Departed14:593 Early
Hanslope JunctionFDeparted14:465 Early
Milton Keynes CentralArrived14:411 Late
Milton Keynes Central 3Departed14:400 On time
BletchleyArrived14:382 Late
Bletchley 3Departed14:371 Late
Ledburn JunctionSDeparted14:291 Late
TringArrived14:241 Late
Tring 3Departed14:230 On time
Bourne End JunctionDeparted14:162 Late
Watford JunctionArrived14:050 On time
Watford JunctionDeparted14:041 Early
Harrow & WealdstoneArrived13:581 Early
Harrow & Wealdstone 5Departed13:581 Early
Wembley CentralArrived13:532 Early
Wembley Central 5Departed13:532 Early
Willesden Sudbury Junction (formerly Brent Junction)WDeparted13:493 Early
Harlesden JunctionDeparted13:423 Late
Willesden West London JunctionDeparted13:393 Late
Camden JunctionSDeparted13:321 Late
Camden RoadArrived13:222 Early
Camden RoadDeparted13:222 Early
Canonbury West JunctionDeparted13:160 On time
Navarino Road JunctionDeparted13:111 Early
Lea JunctionDeparted13:050 On time
StratfordDeparted13:034 Late
StratfordArrived13:023 Late
Forest Gate JunctionDeparted12:573 Late
IlfordArrived12:552 Late
IlfordDeparted12:552 Late
RomfordArrived12:500 Off routeOff route.
RomfordDeparted12:490 Off routeOff route.
Gidea ParkArrived12:480 On time
Gidea Park 1Departed12:480 On time
ShenfieldArrived12:421 Late
Shenfield 2Departed12:421 Late
ChelmsfordArrived12:322 Late
Chelmsford 1Departed12:322 Late
Witham (Essex)Departed12:190 On time
Witham (Essex)Arrived12:045 Early
Marks TeyArrived11:526 Early
Marks TeyDeparted11:526 Early
ColchesterArrived11:485 Early
Colchester 3Departed11:476 Early
ManningtreeArrived11:395 Early
ManningtreeDeparted11:386 Early
Ipswich Halifax JunctionDeparted11:284 Early
Ipswich 2Departed11:263 Early
Ipswich 2Arrived11:243 Early
Colchester Signal CO822Departed11:212 Early
WesterfieldArrived11:134 Early
Westerfield 1Departed11:134 Early
Derby Road 1Departed11:084 Early
Derby Road 1Arrived11:034 Early
TrimleyArrived10:523 Early
Trimley 1Departed10:514 Early
Felixstowe North GB RailfreightDeparted10:433 EarlyCorrection.
Felixstowe North GB RailfreightDeparted10:424 Early