Train 6M32 09:47 NEASDEN CHARRINGTON GBRF to Bardon Hill GB Railfreight

a. 09:52 d. 10:12
Neasden South Junction p. 10:15
Neasden Junction

a. 10:17 d. 10:39
Dudding Hill Junction p. 10:42
Brent Curve Junction a. 10:47 d. 11:03
Hendon p. 11:07
Silkstream Junction p. 11:12
Radlett Junction p. 11:25
St Albans City p. 11:30½ 2
Harpenden Junction p. 11:35½
Luton p. 11:45 3
Leagrave Junction p. 11:49½
Flitwick p. 11:57 2
Flitwick Junction p. 11:58
Bedford South Junction p. 12:09½
Bedford p. 12:11½ 4
Bedford North Junction p. 12:12½
Sharnbrook Junction p. 12:21
Wellingborough p. 12:35 3
Harrowden Junction p. 12:38½
Kettering South Junction p. 12:46½
Kettering p. 12:48½ 2
Kettering North Junction p. 12:50½
Market Harborough p. 13:03½
Kilby Bridge Junction p. 13:14½
Wigston North Junction a. 13:19½ d. 13:32½
Leicester Knighton Junction p. 13:37½
Leicester Signal LR327 a. 13:39 d. 13:40
Bagworth Junction p. 13:59
Bardon Hill
a. 14:04½ d. 14:08½
Bardon Hill GB Railfreight
a. 14:15

Change en route at Neasden Junction

UIC code
Signalling ID6M32
Train categoryB4Aggregates
TOC Headcode
Train service code51464581
Power typeD Diesel Locomotive
Timing Load600
Operating CharacteristicsYRuns to Terminals/Yards as required
Seating Class 
Connection Indicator
Catering Code
Service Branding
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 17/09/19
Schedule ID: H26409
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: GBRf
Description: GBRf Aggregate Industries : Bardon Hill Various (Aggregates)
Service Code: 51464581
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Not Activated
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 600
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:B4 Aggregates
Operational Information:Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
Usually operated by a: Class 66 or GBRf 56/60 where permitted
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