Train 07:55 Westbury Down Yard to Bescot Up Engineers Sidings

628G Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: Bescot C and D Roads Spoil Tip (16:02 2 Early)

Westbury Down Yard d. 07:55
Westbury p. 07:59½ 2
Hawkeridge Junction p. 08:00½
Bradford Junction p. 08:08½
Thingley Junction p. 08:26½
Thingley East Junction p. 08:27½
Chippenham p. 08:30 2
Wootton Bassett Junction p. 08:44
Swindon p. 08:53 UML
Swindon Stratton Green a. 08:58 d. 09:18
Uffington (Oxfordshire) p. 09:32½
Challow p. 09:35
Wantage Road a. 09:40 d. 09:59
Steventon p. 10:06½
Milton Junction p. 10:08
Foxhall Junction p. 10:10½
Didcot North Junction p. 10:16
Kennington Junctionalso listed as Kennington Junction Points Heaters p. 10:25½
Hinksey Sidings
a. 10:28½ d. 12:07
Hinksey Reception Lines p. 12:09
Oxford p. 12:12 TL
Wolvercot Junction p. 12:18½
Heyford p. 12:34 2
Aynho Junction p. 12:42
Banbury p. 12:48 2
Fenny Compton
a. 13:02 d. 13:26½ DGL
Leamington Spa p. 13:41½ DM
Milverton Junction a. 13:45 d. 13:51
Kenilworth p. 14:02½
Coventry Gibbet Hill Junction p. 14:05
Coventry p. 14:14½ 3
Coventry Coundon Road Level Crossing p. 14:18½
Three Spires Junction p. 14:22½
Hawkesbury Lane p. 14:25
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton Junction p. 14:33
Nuneaton a. 14:36 d. 14:45 1
Nuneaton Abbey Junction p. 14:50
Whitacre Junction p. 15:18
Coleshill Parkway p. 15:20½
Water Orton p. 15:24
Water Orton West Junction p. 15:25
Park Lane Junction (West Midlands) p. 15:27
Walsall Ryecroft Junction p. 15:52
Walsall p. 15:54 UFL
Walsall Pleck Junction p. 15:57
Bescot Stadium p. 16:01
Bescot Up Engineers Sidings a. 16:04
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 13/08/19
Schedule ID: H23402
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: Infrastructure management, general loco moves and network rail engineering trains
Service Code: 52495100
Real Headcode: OM50
Activation Status: Activated: 13/08/19 05:07:34
Trust ID:82628GCB13
Train Information
Max Speed: 060mph
Timing Load: 2200
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:Q Path - only runs when required - check if activated
Usually operated by a: Colas locomotives (56/60/66/70 etc) or track machine under colas rail
Sighted Allocation: 70805
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Bescot C and D Roads Spoil TipArrived16:022 EarlyTerminated.
Bescot StadiumArrived15:592 Early
Bescot StadiumDeparted15:592 Early
Walsall Pleck JunctionDeparted15:561 Early
WalsallArrived15:540 On time
WalsallFDeparted15:540 On time
Walsall Ryecroft JunctionDeparted15:484 Early
Park Lane Junction (West Midlands)Departed15:234 Early
Water Orton West JunctionDeparted15:205 Early
Water OrtonArrived15:195 Early
Water OrtonDeparted15:195 Early
Coleshill ParkwayArrived15:155 Early
Coleshill ParkwayDeparted15:155 Early
Whitacre JunctionDeparted15:126 Early
Nuneaton Abbey JunctionDeparted14:555 Late
Nuneaton 1Departed14:414 Early
Nuneaton 1Arrived14:315 Early
Nuneaton Chilvers Coton JunctionDeparted14:294 Early
Hawkesbury LaneDeparted14:232 Early
Three Spires JunctionDeparted14:211 Early
Coventry Coundon Road Level CrossingDeparted14:171 Early
Coventry 4Departed14:122 Early
CoventryArrived14:104 Early
Coventry Gibbet Hill JunctionDeparted14:050 On time
KenilworthDeparted14:011 Early
KenilworthArrived14:002 Early
Milverton JunctionDeparted13:510 On time
Leamington SpaArrived13:476 Late
Leamington SpaDeparted13:476 Late
Fenny ComptonDeparted13:315 Late
Fenny ComptonArrived13:020 On time
BanburyArrived12:524 Late
Banbury 2Departed12:513 Late
Aynho JunctionDeparted12:464 Late
HeyfordArrived12:417 Late
Heyford 1Departed12:406 Late
Wolvercot JunctionDeparted12:3012 Late
OxfordArrived12:2614 Late
OxfordDeparted12:2614 Late
Hinksey SidingsDeparted11:5710 Early
Hinksey SidingsArrived10:0622 Early
Kennington Junctionalso listed as Kennington Junction Points HeatersDeparted09:5629 Early
Didcot North JunctionDeparted09:4729 Early
Foxhall JunctionDeparted09:4426 Early
Wantage RoadArrived09:355 Early
Wantage RoadDeparted09:3524 Early
ChallowDeparted09:0332 Early
SwindonArrived08:494 Early
SwindonDeparted08:494 Early
Wootton Bassett JunctionDeparted08:422 Early
ChippenhamArrived08:311 Late
ChippenhamDeparted08:311 Late
Thingley East JunctionDeparted08:261 Early
Thingley JunctionDeparted08:242 Early
Bradford JunctionDeparted08:091 Late
Hawkeridge JunctionDeparted08:011 Late
Westbury Fairwood Junction Signal W105Departed07:550 On time