Train 07:05 Mossend Euroterminal RfD Europe to South Bank Tees Dock BSC Export Berth

494W Operated By DB Cargo

Latest Report: South Bank Tees Dock BSC Export Berth (16:06 2 Early)

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Mossend Euroterminal RfD Europe d. 07:05
Mossend North Junction p. 07:10
Mossend East Junction p. 07:12
Holytown Junction p. 07:14½
Wishaw p. 07:19½
Law Junction Up Passenger Loop
a. 07:25 d. 08:42½
Lanark Junction p. 08:58
Carstairs a. 09:03½ d. 09:06
Carstairs East Junction p. 09:12
Auchengray p. 09:20½
COBBINSHAW SIG EJ713 p. 09:23½
Midcalder Junction p. 09:32
Slateford p. 09:47
Craiglockhart Junction p. 09:49½
Niddrie West Junction p. 10:11
Newcraighall p. 10:17½
a. 10:26 d. 10:32 F7
Monktonhall Junction p. 10:39
Prestonpans p. 10:46
Drem p. 10:55
Dunbar p. 11:05
Oxwellmains Crossover p. 11:08
Grantshouse a. 11:23 d. 11:40
Reston p. 11:47½
Reston Signal EG402 p. 11:53½
Berwick-Upon-Tweed p. 11:56½ 1
Crag Mill Loop
a. 12:13½ d. 12:24
Belford Level Crossing p. 12:26
Alnmouth p. 12:42½ 1
Morpeth p. 13:00 1
Heaton North Junction p. 13:15½
Heaton South Junction
a. 13:18½ d. 13:41½
Newcastle p. 13:46½ 8
King Edward Bridge South Junction p. 13:51
Birtley Junction p. 13:56
Durham Signal TY358
a. 14:08 d. 14:18½
Durham p. 14:20½ 1
Tursdale Junction p. 14:29
Ferryhill South Junction p. 14:31½
a. 14:44 d. 14:46 UGL
Dinsdale p. 14:54 2
Eaglescliffe p. 15:03 2
Stockton Cut Junction p. 15:06
Bowesfield Junction p. 15:09
Thornaby East Junction p. 15:13
Tees New Yard

a. 15:18 d. 15:44
Tees Newport East Junction p. 15:49
Middlesbrough p. 15:52
Whitehouse Junction (Teesside) p. 15:55
South Bank Junction p. 15:57
Beam Mill Junction p. 15:59½
Grangetown (Cleveland) p. 16:02
South Bank Tees Dock BSC Export Berth a. 16:08
Schedule Information
Runs:Tuesday 18/06/19
Schedule ID: H10133
Sched Created: 22/05/19 10:33:28
Schedule Type:WTT
Operated By: DB Cargo
Description: DBC UK: UK Intermodal Teesport - Mossend
Service Code: 52407546
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 17/06/19 22:10:05
Trust ID:07439TCA18
Train Information
Max Speed: 075mph
Timing Load: 1235
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:
Operational Information:Q Path - Runs only when required - check for activation
Usually operated by a: DB Class 66
Sighted Allocation: 66109
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South Bank Tees Dock BSC Export BerthArrived16:062 EarlyTerminated.
Grangetown (Cleveland)Departed16:002 Early
MiddlesbroughDeparted15:493 Early
Tees Newport East JunctionDeparted15:463 Early
Tees New YardDeparted15:440 On time
Tees New YardArrived15:224 Late
Bowesfield JunctionDeparted15:178 Late
Stockton Cut JunctionDeparted15:159 Late
Eaglescliffe 2Departed15:118 Late
EaglescliffeArrived15:107 Late
DinsdaleArrived15:006 Late
DarlingtonGDeparted14:537 Late
DarlingtonArrived14:462 Late
Ferryhill South JunctionDeparted14:343 Late
Tursdale JunctionDeparted14:323 Late
DurhamArrived14:222 Late
Durham 1Departed14:222 Late
Durham Signal TY358Departed14:213 Late
Birtley JunctionDeparted14:015 Late
King Edward Bridge South JunctionDeparted13:543 Late
NewcastleArrived13:537 Late
NewcastleTDeparted13:526 Late
Heaton Traction & Rolling Stock Maintenance DepotDeparted13:460 Off routeOff route.
Heaton South JunctionDeparted13:465 Late
MorpethArrived13:033 Late
Morpeth 1Departed13:022 Late
AlnmouthArrived12:464 Late
Alnmouth 1Departed12:464 Late
Belford Level CrossingDeparted12:282 Late
Berwick-Upon-TweedArrived11:582 Late
Berwick-Upon-Tweed 1Departed11:571 Late
Reston Signal EG402Departed11:552 Late
GrantshouseDeparted11:400 On time
GrantshouseArrived11:203 Early
DunbarDeparted11:083 Late
DremArrived10:594 Late
DremDeparted10:583 Late
PrestonpansArrived10:526 Late
Prestonpans 1Departed10:515 Late
Monktonhall JunctionDeparted10:467 Late
NewcraighallDeparted10:0314 Early
Niddrie West JunctionDeparted10:0011 Early
Craiglockhart JunctionDeparted09:472 Early
Slateford 1Departed09:452 Early
Midcalder JunctionDeparted09:302 Early
COBBINSHAW SIG EJ713Departed09:230 On time
Carstairs East JunctionDeparted09:102 Early
CarstairsDeparted08:579 Early
CarstairsArrived08:567 Early
Lanark JunctionDeparted08:508 Early
Law JunctionDeparted07:430 Off routeOff route.
Wishaw 2Departed07:3819 Late
WishawArrived07:3718 Late
Holytown JunctionDeparted07:2713 Late
Mossend East JunctionDeparted07:2412 Late
Mossend North JunctionDeparted07:199 Late
Mossend Euroterminal RfD EuropeDeparted07:149 Late