Train 0M28 23:59 Westbury Up Yard to Bescot Up Engineers Sidings

0M28 Operated By Colas Rail

Latest Report: Bescot Up Engineers Sidings (03:40 6 Early)

Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 11/09/19
Schedule ID: 39444
Sched Created: 11/09/19 18:29:31
Schedule Type:STP
Operated By: Colas Rail
Description: Colas Rail : Ad Hoc Light Loco Movements
Service Code: 52495800
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 11/09/19 21:59:13
Trust ID:82041X2911
Train Information
Max Speed: 168mph
Timing Load:
Train Type: Diesel Locomotive
Train category:ZZ Light Locomotive
Operational Information:
Usually operated by a: Colas Rail - Class 37/56/66/70
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Bescot Up Engineers SidingsArrived03:406 EarlyTerminated.
Bescot Up And Down GoodsArrived03:355 Early
Newton Junction (West Midlands)Departed03:319 Late
Perry Barr North JunctionDeparted03:236 Late
AstonArrived03:219 Late
AstonDeparted03:208 Late
Stechford 1Departed03:149 Late
StechfordArrived03:138 Late
Birmingham InternationalArrived03:066 Late
Birmingham International 2Departed03:066 Late
CoventryArrived02:523 Late
Coventry 4Departed02:523 Late
Coventry Gibbet Hill JunctionDeparted02:472 Late
KenilworthDeparted02:452 Late
Milverton JunctionDeparted02:391 Late
Leamington SpaArrived02:372 Late
Leamington SpaDeparted02:361 Late
Fenny ComptonDeparted02:193 Early
RESERVOIR JUNCTIONDeparted02:114 Early
BanburyArrived02:103 Early
Banbury 2Departed02:103 Early
Aynho JunctionDeparted02:043 Early
HeyfordArrived01:590 On time
Heyford 1Departed01:581 Early
Wolvercot JunctionDeparted01:491 Early
OxfordArrived01:450 On time
OxfordDeparted01:441 Early
Kennington Junctionalso listed as Kennington Junction Points HeatersDeparted01:376 Early
Didcot North JunctionDeparted01:287 Early
Foxhall JunctionDeparted01:265 Early
Wantage RoadArrived01:166 Early
Wantage RoadDeparted01:166 Early
ChallowDeparted01:127 Early
Uffington (Oxfordshire)Departed01:087 Early
SwindonArrived00:555 Early
SwindonDeparted00:546 Early
Wootton Bassett JunctionDeparted00:463 Early
ChippenhamArrived00:351 Late
ChippenhamDeparted00:331 Early
Thingley JunctionDeparted00:320 On time
Thingley East JunctionDeparted00:321 Early
Bradford JunctionDeparted00:213 Late
Hawkeridge JunctionDeparted23:5410 Early
WestburyDeparted23:5210 Early
82081Departed23:4910 Early