Train 1P24 11:30 London Liverpool Street to Norwich

1P24 Operated By Greater Anglia

Latest Report: Norwich (13:24 3 Early)

London Liverpool Street d. 11:30(11:30) 9
Bethnal Green p. 11:33
Bow Junction p. 11:35
Stratford a. 11:37½ d. 11:38½(11:38) 10
Maryland p. 11:40 4
Forest Gate Junction p. 11:41
Ilford p. 11:42½ 2
Gidea Park p. 11:47 2
Shenfield p. 11:53½ 3
Chelmsford a. 12:02(12:02) d. 12:03½(12:03) 2
Witham (Essex) p. 12:11½ 3
Marks Tey p. 12:16½ 2
Colchester a. 12:22(12:22) d. 12:24(12:23) 2
Manningtree a. 12:31½(12:31) d. 12:32½(12:31) 3
Ipswich Halifax Junction p. 12:40½
Ipswich a. 12:42½(12:43) d. 12:44½(12:44) 3
Ipswich East Suffolk Junction p. 12:46
Stowmarket a. 12:54½(12:55) d. 12:55½(12:55) 2
Haughley Junction p. 12:58½
Diss a. 13:07(13:07) d. 13:08(13:08)
Trowse Junction p. 13:24
Trowse Swing Bridge Junction p. 13:25
Norwich Thorpe Junction p. 13:25½
Norwich a. 13:27(13:27) 2
Schedule Information
Runs:Wednesday 11/09/19
Schedule ID: L71054
Sched Created: 05/09/19 02:08:01
Schedule Type:VAR
Operated By: Greater Anglia
Description: Liverpool St-Ipswich/Norwich
Service Code: 21781002
Real Headcode: Add Headcode
Activation Status: Activated: 11/09/19 09:30:56
Trust ID:521P24MJ11
Train Information
Max Speed: 100mph
Timing Load: 350
Train Type: Electric Locomotive
Train category:XX Express Passenger
Operational Information:Timed for 100mph
Push/Pull Train
Air conditioned with PA
Usually operated by a: Not Known
Sighted Allocation: 321318
Sighted Allocation: 321447
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Norwich 2Arrived13:243 EarlyTerminated.
Norwich Thorpe JunctionDeparted13:223 Early
Trowse JunctionDeparted13:213 Early
DissDeparted13:071 Early
DissArrived13:052 Early
Haughley JunctionDeparted12:571 Early
StowmarketDeparted12:541 Early
StowmarketArrived12:531 Early
Colchester Signal CO822Departed12:451 Early
Ipswich 1Departed12:431 Early
IpswichArrived12:420 On time
Ipswich Halifax JunctionDeparted12:391 Early
Manningtree 3Arrived12:301 Early
Manningtree 1Departed12:302 Early
Colchester 2Departed12:231 Early
Colchester 2Arrived12:220 On time
Marks TeyArrived12:171 Late
Marks TeyDeparted12:171 Late
Witham (Essex)Arrived12:101 Early
Witham (Essex)Departed12:092 Early
Chelmsford 2Departed12:030 On time
Chelmsford 2Arrived12:020 On time
ShenfieldArrived11:512 Early
ShenfieldDeparted11:512 Early
Gidea ParkArrived11:452 Early
Gidea Park 2Departed11:452 Early
IlfordDeparted11:411 EarlyTerminated.
Forest Gate JunctionDeparted11:401 Early
StratfordDeparted11:380 On time
StratfordArrived11:352 Early
Bow JunctionDeparted11:341 Early
Bethnal GreenDeparted11:321 Early
London Liverpool Street11Departed11:300 On time